Christmas morning breakfast

Looking for a one-dish breakfast that will feed 6. Ideally, something I can make a day ahead and pop in the oven Christmas morning. Thanks!

Lisa Marie Conklin
So many great ideas! I went with an egg bake with bacon, cheese, shredded potatoes and leftover veggies...HIT!
Nikki M
VVV I love The Pioneer Woman!!!
Tricia Goss
How about Cinnamon Baked French Toast? You make it the day/night before and then just pop it in the oven. Plus, you can't go wrong with something by the Pioneer Woman herself. Super simple and totally nom-worthy
Greg Szimonisz
We like to have German pancakes with lemon and powdered sugar. It's really fun to bake it in a skillet and it actually reheats nicely, so you could do it the day before, then add the lemon juice and powdered sugar on the morning of. There are a few good recipes out there varying in complication - here's an easier one:
Maya Slavin
Sounds awful but just trust me. BREAKFAST LASAGNA. Google it please.
Kira Smirnova
Have a pancake / waffle bar with all the fixin's. Just make the pancakes or waffles a day ahead and heat up in the morning. Cut up all the fruit in advance as well. Lay out everything the next morning with tons of whipped cream and maple syrup, and everyone can serve themselves!
Kim Williams
Quiche breakfast with a pie crust!
Nikki M
Gigantic frittatas with ham/bacon/mushrooms/spinach and TONS of cheese. Always better when heated up the next day anyway.

Personally, I love sweet breakfasts.... so parfaits in individual glasses. Layer on the greek yogurt, chia seeds, fruits, and granola. Pretty, healthy, and delicious!