Favorite IG moms!

I was bored over the weekend and decided to join Instagram. I don't really know where to begin to look for inspirational moms to follow. Share your faves! (Especially if they're vegan and into yoga and traveling!)

Ashley York
I don't think that's completely true, Elodie. I do see this as a rat race sometimes, but I've found true community there as well. Even with sponsorship - not all IG moms are in it just for that. Some have true value to bring to the community.
Elodie Nilsson
To be totally honest, I'm totally over IG moms. They're all in it for the sponsorship $$ and have nothing of real value to say. That said, foodie, yoga, and traveling accounts are still better than the others who just stay home and plop their kids here and there with the product of the day.
Ashley York
Not particularly vegan, but @kayhaupt and @underatinroof homesteaders, @this.little.wandering, @fawnandforest, @frannyandbriar, @thelittlekiss, and shamelessly self-promoting @whimsyandwhile LOL
Nikki M
There are so many vegan (and yoga) moms who live in Hawaii and their feeds are just soooo drool-worthy. Start with @earthyandy and check out the other related profiles.
Alissa Hamadey
I've been a follower of the Green Kitchen Stories blog for years, and I love their instagram, @luisegreenkitchenstories (more food than motherhood, though)
Katy Orlando
Obvious choice but @yoga_girl is my favorite. Her words are incredibly uplifting.
Viv Watters
Not sure about vegan and yoga but there are some travel moms I follow: @local_milk, @globetotting, @andreafellman,