Girl drama

I volunteer in my daughter’s Brownie Troops and some of the girls are such little divas! This is the opposite behavior we are trying to promote. They are critical of each other but more hurtful is when they are whispering about a loner in the group. I don’t want to just tell them it’s bad to talk about others that way. I would like to inspire them to think about it and change this on their own. Any suggestions?

Elodie Nilsson
I agree with Maya. Girl drama is the worst. You just have to keep breaking up groups and reorganizing them with different girls in different roles each time (someone might be a leader for one project then in an assisting role).
Maya Slavin
I would get creative when grouping the girls during projects. Rather than letting them group with their friends, separate the cliques as much as possible and aim for a diverse group of girls with different personalities. It's a great way for everyone to meet new friends.