Girl Names that Start with an E?

Just for fun... What are some of your favorite girl names that start with an E? I already have a daughter named Eloise (I loved the books as a kid), and I wanted to see what other E names are nice... Not that I'm expecting or anything ;)

Courtney Cochrell
Emilie and Elise :)
Tricia Goss
My daughter's middle name is Elyse. Elizabeth is another classic, lovely E name and it has SO many nickname options.
Lisa Marie Conklin
My firstborn was going to be Zech or Elise. I still like the name Elise - 31 years later.
Alissa Hamadey
I love Elise, Estelle, and Effie :)
Abby Stone
Oh I love Emilia! Thanks for the suggestion.
Melly Morita
Emmanuelle and Emilia!!
Jemma Mennon
I love Eva-Luna, if you're into double names. But Eloise is definitely my all-time favorite E name for girls.
Elodie Nilsson
Well, I'm partial to Elodie. But also Esme and Ella.
Abby Stone
Oh... and I have to say... no Elsa please :)