Not sure if part of being a mom is catching some sort of Disease to Please. But somehow it feels so difficult to just say "No!" sometimes. I don't mean "No" to candy or just another episode. That's all fine. But no to yet another activity. No to volunteering when you really don't have the time. No to a playdate when you really need to unwind. We want to be helpful, involved, do-it-all moms...but that's just the straight path to losing your sanity.

A number of us moms have gotten together on Instagram to spell out (literally!) how important it is just say no sometimes. Check out some of the entries on IG starting with @the-instillery then tell us what you’d like to say no to for a chance to win a Host & Toast letterboard.

Lindsay Van Meter
Just say no to wasting time you could be spending with your kids on your iPhone #sarcasm #sorrynotsorry
Lindsay Van Meter
Just say no to crocs.
Lindsay Van Meter
Just say no to fingerprinting.
Lindsay Van Meter
Just say NO to play dates.
Lindsay Van Meter
Just say NO to Happy Meals.
Ashley Perez
Just saying NO to comparing. I'm doing great and need to not compare my real life to someone else's highlight reel on social media.
Andrea Laguer
I'm saying no to thinking that I am a 'super woman' capable of doing so many things at the same time, exhausting myself and sacrificing quality time with my loved ones. Sometimes is just so hard to find a balance between being a wife, mom, friend and business owner that I forget to take a breather and focus unconditionally on my two boys who need me now more than ever. They will grow up in just a blink of an eye and I won't be able to do this again.
Morganne Martines
I'm saying no to comparing my parenting to other people's. I'm saying no to thinking I am not good enough for our daughter
Saphrin Pediford
say no to dry clean only clothes
Anna Brougher
Saying "no" to letting a number on a scale be the definition of healthy.