Sports/Music/Activities for a 7 Year Old Girl?


I'm looking for fun activities for my 7 y/o girl. She's open to anything – she's done soccer, swimming, and karate. Are dance/ballet classes still a good idea for this age? Most girls I know who do ballet started as toddlers. Also... is it a good age to learn instruments? Piano, maybe?

Thank you!

Kirsten Kawasaki
Anything is good as long as your kid is into it! Just don't go investing too much into things like a cello if you're not sure.
Anya Henners
I recommend trying classes through your city. They're usually affordable, so you can switch things up every season. We've tried soccer, t-ball, dance, and art. Will try instruments and basketball soon.
Maya Slavin
Thank you for all the great suggestions. Theater class sounds like a blast, so do hip hop classes. I just looked up Capoeira and it looks incredible. They actually have a studio that teaches it here in Flagstaff so I'll have to check it out!

Thanks again everyone!
Sandy Connor
My niece has been taking theater classes and loves it. They mostly put on musicals so it's a nice mix of acting, singing, and a bit of choreography. I'm going to put my little one in too when she's a bit older (only four now) but seeing all their hard work come together in a final performance is so cool.
Jen Duran
My girls loved tap dance!! Training is a lot less severe than ballet and the girls really love it. They also have a number of friends taking hip hop classes so that could be a good option too
Shirin Behnia
Not sure where you live but if you're looking for something that's a mix of ballet and dance, my boys have started capoeira and they love it. It's great for her age and such a good workout. It also has a cultural component to it too which the kids appreciate.
Kirsten Kawasaki
Yes, they're all good! I think it's always a good idea to go for the free trial class for whatever activities you're interested in. That way, you can better see your daughter's interest level and get a sense of whether it's something she'll stick with. And if you do decide to try something like ballet or piano or other classical instruments, there's just a lot of options when it comes to teaching styles - some are more formal and strict (really geared towards classical training) and others are more about "having fun" so it's good to try to find the right fit.