Weeknight Dinner Ideas?

Tired of bland roasted chicken + veg + rice every night. Any (SIMPLE) weeknight dinner ideas?

Nicki Kanwal
+ Grilling is way healthier too
Nicki Kanwal
Invest in a little grill. Nothing beats grilled meat/chicken/fish and veggies. Just make sure to marinate in advance, and the grilling part takes minutes.
Greg Szimonisz
That's all my son will eat...i can't even look at a chicken at this point. He did however start liking breaded fish, so we've found a couple of decent frozen ones, and also buy some cod and fry in panko.
Linda Cagni
Fish and other seafood are easy and quick to whip up. Great for development and low on fats too, just maybe go easy on the shellfish and crustaceans and stick to healthy, fatty fish.
Christine Quinn
Cold weather calls for, one one pot to wash! Just pick your protein and veg, add herbs, water, and tomato sauce / stock / wine and you're golden.
Ryan Smith
We just broke out the crock-pot again lots of slow cook recipes out there.
Viv Watters
Baked yams stuffed with sauteed veggies + cheese, pasta with homemade pesto + veg, stir fry....and breakfast for dinner never hurt anybody so lots of omlettes!
Lisa Marie Conklin
English muffin (whole-wheat) pizzas are so easy and fun! Let the kids make their own. Just spoon on your favorite pizza sauce, sprinkle on your cheese of choice and add toppings (leftover veggies and yes, leftover shredded chicken are great toppings!). Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes. Serve with carrot sticks and hummus.