3 Gorgeous Picture Books about Beauty on the Inside

If your child were to ask you to describe beauty, how would you respond? You might point out a field filled with wildflowers, a fluttering butterfly, or a stunning rainbow, which would all be fitting examples.

But how can you explain what makes a person beautiful? There is no denying that a person’s appearance can attract others, yet you want your kids to look for and recognize the beauty that can only be found in someone’s heart, personality, and spirit.

Talking about people you know and love is a wonderful way to begin. Grandma, who drops whatever she is doing to shower her attention on them, the neighbor who shovels the entire sidewalk in the winter so no one slips, or the friend who always tries to make others laugh have an inner beauty that shines through.

Another way to teach this principle is by reading books together that will enlighten kids while engaging and entertaining them at the same time. Even young children can begin to grasp the value of a beautiful soul when you present the notion in an age-appropriate manner. These gorgeous picture books will help you start a meaningful conversation:


by Leo Timmers

Crow tries to make friends with a cheerful flock of little birds, but because he's so much larger than they are and pure black, the smaller, more colorful birds are afraid.

Sad from rejection, Crow wishes to be different. Gathering buckets of colorful paint, Crow paints himself to look like a finch; but the birds are still afraid. He tries making himself look like a parakeet, and then a chickadee, but the other birds still avoid him.

Crying, Crow cleans himself up and feels worse than every before. That is, until the other birds approach, asking timidly if “they” were gone. Turns out, the little birds were terrified of the giant finch, the oversized parakeet, and the huge chickadee they had just seen and assume Crow had taken care of the lot.

From outcast to hero, Crow is welcomed to their little flock. He doesn’t have the heart to tell them the whole truth, but once they get to know him for the beautiful bird he is on the inside, none of that matters anymore.

Children will feel sympathy for Crow, which will help them learn to overlook differences when meeting new people.

Big Al

by Andrew Clements

A very friendly but terribly frightful fish named Big Al lives in the ocean. Although there was never a nicer fish than him, Big Al's very scary face frightens all the fish away...which means he has no friends. And, of course, he is very lonely.

Big Al tries disguising himself as seaweed, but that doesn’t work. He puffs himself up for laughs, but that only scares the fishies more. He buries himself in the sand to look smaller. But when the other fish approach, an unexpected sneeze scares them away once more. He tries everything he could think of to look a bit less scary but nothing works. He's sure he will never make a friend.

But when a net drops down and scoops up the little fish, Big Al saves the day on to be caught himself. The little fish want their hero back! Luckily, the fisherman takes one look at his frightful face and throws him back, but the other fish know Big Al is a keeper.

Kids can learn from this picture book that just even if someone doesn’t fit society’s idea of attractive-looking, they still have feelings, value and beauty that they might miss if they judge by first impressions.

Fearsome Five

by Wolf Erlbruch

It is no secret to Toad, Rat, Bat, Spider, and Hyena that others find them generally revolting. Even though they have accepted this notion, they are less than happy about it.

Hyena knows better than to sit around feeling sorry for himself. He informs his friends that it doesn’t matter what others think of them. He advises them to do something. Anything. Picking up his saxophone, Hyena belts out a mesmerizing tune. Rat, Spider, and Bat join in playing the ukulele, singing, and whistling.

Toad doesn’t join in. He’s just not musically inclined.

But, wait! There is something Toad can do better than anyone else. Toad can make the most delicious pancakes.

All three of these charming picture books demonstrate that everyone is special and beautiful in their own way. The offbeat but lovable characters will show your kids that they have a wonderful and unique inner light, and they only need to let it shine.

What are some of your favorite kids’ books about inner beauty? Share with us!

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