3 Picture Books for Vegetarians

Raising vegetarian kids in a meat-eating world can be a challenge – you want to impart the values and beliefs that have led you to choose a plant-based way of life for your children, but you’re concerned about the messages they receive at school, in the media, and even from family or friends.

Of course, your kids learn their most significant life lessons at an early age by watching and listening to you, but having some tools and tips at your disposal is always beneficial. Some steps you can take to support your beliefs include:

  • Visiting animal sanctuaries
  • Connecting with other like-minded families
  • Finding fun, kid-friendly recipes to make as a family
  • Reading entertaining books with vegetarian messages

To help with that last bit, we've found three delightful children’s books that you and your kids will enjoy:

Tyrannosaurus Drip

by Julia Donaldson

If being vegetarian has ever caused your kids (or you!) to feel out of place or left out, you will adore this charming book.

The peaceful Duckbill dinosaurs live calmly along the river, munching on juicy water weeds, while a mean Tyrannosaurus family lives on the opposite bank. The carnivorous creatures want to fill their bellies with duckbill dinosaurs. Trouble is, the grim and grisly beasts can’t swim.

One day, a tiny Compsognathus steals a duckbill egg. After swimming and running with it, planning to take it home to her own babies for a teatime snack, the Compsognathus runs straight into the T. Rexes, who are waiting for their own eggs to hatch.

The tiny dino panics and dropped the duckbill dinosaur egg right into the T. Rex nest.

They may be big and scary, but the T. Rexes aren’t particularly bright. In this adorable tale of switcheroo, the little duck-billed tyke doesn’t quite fit in with his carnivorous family, singing odes to those juicy water weeds.

A rhymed story of dino-heroism where trumpet-mouthed vegetarians outsmart toothy carnivores, it’s perfect read for herbivores or anyone who roots for the underdog. 

To Market, to Market

by Anne Miranda

A slapstick excursion filled with mishap and mayhem, To Market To Market tells the story of a shopping trip gone wrong. A little, old lady makes purchases a series of animals at the supermarket….with each one wreaking havoc back at home.

So, what can the little old lady do? Switch to a plant-based diet, of course!

Rhyming verses tell the zany tale, but it is Stevens's wonderfully wild illustrations that bring it to life. A lovely story for kids growing up vegetarian...or for anyone who loves a good book!

What I Do with Vegetable Glue

by Susan Chandler

If your right arm were to fall off, what would you do? The little girl in this book has the answer. She sticks it back on with vegetable glue! It also comes in handy when her head rolls away. Or when coughing, sneezing and burping leads to other missing limbs.

Don’t head to the store in search of vegetable glue in case your nose pops off, though, because vegetable glue is in your tummy. Eating loads of healthy veggies keeps all those bits and pieces attached.

Your children will roll with laughter when this cake-eating girl makes “a rude sound” and her bottom drops off. This silly picture book will likely become a family favorite that encourages kids to love and appreciate healthful foods.

Spending time together reading amusing picture books that highlight your principles is a wonderful way to reinforce the benefits of being vegetarian and to strengthen your bond with your kids.

What are some of your favorite books with plant-eating heroes to read with the kids? Share with us!

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