4 Homeschooling Instagram Moms Who Share Their Lessons Learned

These lo-fi mammas share their love of family, farm, and faith – as well as their devotion to homeschooling their children – on Instagram accounts that give us inside glimpses into their homes, gardens, and giving hearts.


Terri Woods: Love: Jesus, being Eric's beloved, momma to the 9 Woodsers Really Like: Homeschooling, our goats, running, working with my hands, LIFE!!!!

Terri is mom to nine kids of varying ages (her eldest daughter just got engaged) and enjoys sharing photos of them, their farm life, various goats and chickens (and baskets of marvelous-looking eggs), as well as the baked goods she makes. Her home is full, cozily cluttered, inviting, and obviously full of love.


Heidi: growing kids, faith, and a garden and sharing pieces of our story. HS consult. Cali PSP. The Abundant Garden curriculum

Heidi has been through a lot in life, but rather than dwelling on what’s wrong she takes proactive steps to help set things right. She’s a teacher (The Abundant Garden), wife, and mom to four kids. She posts about the joy of reading books, growing things in a garden, and the importance of unplugged family time.


Bethany: mother to four | mother to four |  homeschooling | living simply

“I tend to be a planner, an achiever, a doer. In fact, I could write paragraphs on the benefit of goal-minded living, and the need for patience and steadfastness in parenting, business, or home projects,” says Bethany. And it shows in her well-organized, purposeful Instagram. She runs the Cloistered Away lifestyle blog, focused on simple, purposeful family living. She home schools her kids, but makes time for fun and joy (“spontaneous planning”). She shares many of life’s lessons she’s learned in the text of her posts.


Kristin Rogers: I messy hair, books & being Jonathan's girl. {iPhone} shots of light, homeschool & animals here. Phil 4:8

Kristen is professional photographer (a natural light, sun flare loving, on-location in in Southern CA.) who makes a cozy home with her hubby, two daughters, and assorted animals ranging from a garden-raiding rabbit to a fluffy cuddly dog. Kristen says she is not a “put together” girl: “I often discover a rip in my dress a little too late, or get caught making up words when the correct ones fail me. My heart does a pitter-patter for nature, adoption, reading, coffee, homeschooling, thrift shops, messy hair and tattoos.”

Who are some homeschooling families (with farms!) you follow on Instagram? Share your favorites with us!

Cover image by Cloistered Away

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