4 Lunchboxes That Keep Food Safe, Fresh, & Perfectly Packed

It’s the start of a new school year and you’ve got some fresh ideas in store for your kid’s school lunch. And you feel good knowing that you’ll be serving up well-balanced meals for your child’s growing body.

You’re all set! At least you think so. But what about storing those square meals? The standard brown paper bag just doesn’t cut it anymore – too much waste and not enough insulation to keep those lunches food-safe. Looking for something with a bit more protection...something that’s durable and a cinch to use? A lunchbox that is easy to clean and can keep the food fresh until noon? Easy-to-open lids so your kiddos won’t waste half their lunchtime trying to access their meal?

Check out these innovative lunch boxes that will have you saying bye-bye to paper bags for good.

Bento Style

EasyLunchboxes allow you to create a three-course meal in one easy container. The lunchbox features three separate compartments all stored under a single kid-friendly lid that makes accessing your delectables so much easier. Excellent for keeping cut-up fruit from making your dry snacks soggy, or infiltrating your pasta, it also makes portion control easy.

It’s got enough room to pack that well-balanced meal of fruits, veggies, and protein/carbs – and to keep it all from “touching.” The container is BPA, lead, vinyl, and PVC free.

It’s sturdy and super easy to clean with fewer pieces involved. The containers are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. Great for school aged kids with kid-friendly lids, and right-sized portions. Sold in a set of four – that nest one on top of the other for easy storage. Washable cooler bags are sold separately. Note: This product is not leak-proof.

Vintage Tin

Are you plastic conscious and looking for something more traditional? Then the Eco Lunchbox 3 in 1 just might be perfect for your kiddo’s school lunch. It comes with two stackable large containers and one snack size container. It will allow you to pack up a variety of healthy foods, for a truly balanced meal, and keep them all from touching or squishing. Remember those old-school flattened PB&J’s or bologna sandwiches? No more!

This three-piece set is great for packing dry or damp food like pasta, salad, and fruits. On the bottom level, you can pack your sandwich or main meal. On the upper level, you can either pack two items side by side, like sliced veg with hummus, or use it as a single, larger container with the snack compartment left out. In its tiffin tin style, the two large containers stack on top of each other and the bottom container has a clip that locks everything together.

This uniquely designed container is made out of stainless steel and is entirely plastic and BPA free. It’s a great and safe way to pack your kiddos school lunch with no estrogen-mimicking chemicals used. It’s entirely dishwasher safe though, and as with all metals, you will want to keep this out of the microwave.

Lunchbox Extraordinaire

Planetbox makes lunch boxes like none other. This is a sleek modern-looking stainless steel container that’s a bento and a lunch tray all in one. It comes in three different sizes to suit different-sized appetites.

The compartments provide portion control for a balanced meal and help prevent food from spilling onto each other. The lunch boxes have convenient features like no-spill containers, a dipper for dips and sauces, and a glass Satellite Dish for reheating foods. Plus, it comes with fun magnets so that your little one can customize their own look. As well, you can purchase their messenger bag for easy carry, and Cold Kits to keep food fresh and cool.

Your kiddos will definitely not see lunch the same way in this lunchbox. It’s BPA free, durable, and appealing. It’s an exceptional lunchbox container that’s worth the investment!

Storing Hot Foods

Need to store homemade soups that will stay hot until it’s time to slurp it up? Lunchbots Insulated Thermal will keep your food hot for hours on end without any plastic coming into contact with your kiddo’s meal. Just pre-fill the thermal with hot water for 1-2 minutes and then discard the water. Next fill the thermal with the yummy hot soup, pasta, stews, or other favorites and it will stay hot for 4-5 hours.

It’s made of stainless steel, easy to clean, and super sturdy. The perfect size for school aged kids and the bowl-like shape makes it easy to use. Because of its insulation, it can also be used to store cold food as well. It comes in six cool different colors and is an excellent container to store hot foods during the winter months.

What features are you looking for in your kid’s lunchbox and what will you use?

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