5 Family-Friendly Attractions in Grand Cayman

Looking for a fun getaway? Grand Cayman – the largest of the three Cayman Islands – has miles of white sand beaches, crystal blue water, and some of the best diving in the world! If you’re planning on heading out for a fun and relaxing beach vacation, make sure to get the most out of it with these must-see tips.

Take a Dip at Seven Mile Beach

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Seven Mile Beach stretches from Grand Cayman’s capital, Georgetown, all the way to Long Point. The crescent shaped beach is open to the public. Its calm waters make it a great location to take the kids for some water fun. Resorts and condos line the coast. So if you want some peace and quiet, find a spot between the high traffic areas.

Bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers are available. And if you’re looking for water sports, all sorts of equipment are available to rent – from snorkeling gear to jet skis and parasailing adventures.

Hungry after a day of water sports? There are plenty of bars and restaurants up and down the beach – and don’t forget to try the famous Grand Cayman Conch Fritter!

Snorkel Eden Rock

Where else can you climb down a ladder in your snorkeling gear and swim right out to a reef? Eden Rock is located just south of Seven Mile Beach. If you’ve come in for the day on a cruise ship, this is located a mere 100 yards from the pier.

This spot welcomes beginner to intermediate water enthusiasts. Once you step off the ladder and head into the water, expect to see parrotfish, silversides, and barracuda. The water reaches about 45 feet deep, and the underwater scene is absolutely tremendous!

For divers, Eden Rock offers guided tours so you can get a good look at the tunnels and crevices along the reef. Don’t be surprised to see some stingrays along the way!

You can bring your own gear or rent what you need right there. Plus, they have showers, bathrooms, and lockers available.

Meet the Creatures at Cayman Turtle Farm

Looking for some one-on-one time with the local wildlife? Then this conservation farm is for you. The Turtle Farm is a research and tourist center where over 500,000 visitors come to see the Green Sea Turtles every year.

The farm is home to over 7,000 turtles of all sizes. Visitors are welcome to hold and take pictures with the baby turtles. These guys will grow to be the largest sea turtles in the world, with some reaching over 500 pounds!

Christopher Columbus explored Cayman in 1503 and named the islands “Las Tortugas” because of the vast amount of turtles in the area. The Cayman Islands then became a stopping point for ships traveling through the Caribbean. Early sea travelers would drop anchor and pickup some turtle meat. As a result, the turtle population dwindled through the years. Conservation efforts started in 1968 when the Turtle Farm opened its doors.

Every November, the farm releases some turtles back into the ocean. Over 30,000 have been tagged and sent back into the wild and tracked all over the Caribbean.

After you’ve played with the turtles, snorkel in the lagoon. And if you’re hungry, the Turtle Farm has a restaurant that serves traditional Caribbean food. Enjoy!

Take a Trip to Hell

Have you been to Hell? No, not the fiery pits for terrible souls . . . the strangely named town located on Grand Cayman! There are numerous theories as to how Hell got its name but they all have to do with the black, limestone formations found here.

The town is located north of Seven Mile Beach. You can make a stop on your way to the Turtle Farm, which is just up the road a bit. Yes, stopping here is a little touristy, with gift shops and all. But come on, you know you secretly want to have your picture taken with the devil himself and mail a postcard back home postmarked from Hell!

Swim in Stingray City

Cross Swimming with Stingrays off your bucket list. This shallow sand bar is home to hundreds of Southern Atlantic Stingrays. Local guides offer tours. You can snorkel, dive, or sign up for a 45-minute glass-bottom boat tour.

The guides will give you instructions on how to play with the rays, and will get in the water with you to make sure you follow the rules. Rule #1 – Do not touch their tails! But do give them a treat! You’ll have buckets of yummy chopped up fish to feed the rays – their favorite! Feed, play, and get stingray hugs!

Why did the stingrays make this 3-foot sandbar their home? Years ago fishermen would stop in these shallow waters and clean their fish. The stingrays were attracted to the free meal and became accustomed to people. So don’t be afraid of the rays. As long as you have some fish for them and leave their tail alone, they’ll be happy to see you!

Planning a trip to Grand Cayman? What’s on your bucket list?

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