6 Deliciously Good Ways to Keep Your Kids Hydrated

Whether you have an uber active little monkey or the summer is just blazing hot, you need to keep your kids hydrated. But in a soda pop culture where there’s a drink for every color in your Crayola box, water can be a hard sell.  Still, the benefits of good ol’ H2O are well worth the effort: When kids are well-hydrated, they simply are healthier.  So if your kiddo can’t stand the classic taste of water, get them to know these updated versions that will put flops like Crystal Pepsi to greater shame!

Dress It Up

Presentation is everything!  The next time you’re at the store, pick up some glasses in funky colors and shapes (the brighter, the better!) as well as bendy straws, little umbrellas or anything else that feels fun.  Then dress up the flavor of the water by adding slices of fresh cucumber and mint, orange slices, or a mixture of kiwi and strawberry.

Make It Fizzy

While you don’t want your kids drinking just carbonated beverages, using naturally carbonated waters like Perrier or San Pellegrino are nice treats.  And you can use them for some great spritzers that will keep your kids hydrated and provide them with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Try out these spritzers using your sparkling water:

  • A quarter-cup of unsweetened pomegranate juice and a wedge of lime
  • Juice from one squeezed grapefruit (great for breakfast!)
  • A quarter-cup freshly pressed and strained pear juice, with a dash of lemon juice and honey

These spritzers are healthy alternatives to sodas and will definitely help with hydration.

Freeze Your Water

Commercial popsicles contain high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavorings that you don’t want anywhere near your kids!  Make homemade popsicles instead. You will have no problem getting your kids to down these tasty treats.

With a popsicle mold, you can freeze your favorite flavors for a fun, frozen treat.  Stuck for ideas? Try out these simple combos:

  • Coconut water with a little crushed pineapple
  • Water with pureed strawberries and honey
  • Water with lemon juice and honey

Break out the Watermelon

Watermelon is a great summer treat.  As their name implies, these melons have a very high water content to help keep your child hydrated.

Here are some great ways to serve it up:

  • Form it into small balls with a melon scoop and serve it up in a bowl
  • Remove the seeds and blend it up with lime juice and a little honey and ice to make a watermelon granita
  • Make watermelon popsicles that look like a real wedge, filling your mold ¾ of the way with watermelon juice, then a layer of coconut milk, followed by kiwi puree for the rind

Keep It Close

Make water accessible throughout the day.  Encourage kids to bring water bottles with them.  Have glasses of water with every meal, even if you’re serving other beverages like milk.  When your child is doing their homework or watching TV, be sure there’s a glass at hand.  If you make water accessible, your kids will drink it.

What are some of your kid's favorite ways to stay hydrated?

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