6 Simple Tricks to a Tidy Mudroom

The mud room – or any entryway – is one of the most difficult areas to keep spotless. Okay, that’s not happening. But you’d settle for “kind of clean”, wouldn’t you? Rain drops and fall leaves are especially irksome, but we’ve found a few ways to keep the little ones from tracking mud and mulch deep into the house.

Here are six suggestions that will help, whether you have an actual mud room or if your kids come in through the front door, side entrance, or garage.

Flawless Foyer

Most homes have only one convenient entrance, and that’s the front door and foyer. When winter comes, invest in heavy duty outdoor and indoor mats, a mud-scraper for boots, and insist shoes are taken off before moving on to the hallways or living room. This foyer has convenient hooks storage – shoes can be stored underneath the bench.

Stainless Side Entrance

This side entrance shows the ideal set up: A mini-porch, where a very simple bench with storage sits, and a ready shelter for boots and gloves (keep a few small towels handy to stuff inside boots to deter bugs and beasties from taking shelter!).

Lovely Laundry Room

Combining a laundry and mudroom is a logical use of space. It’s perfect for shucking off muddy sports clothes or soaked outdoor gear and stuffing it straight into the washing machine.

Squeaky-Clean Steps

Putting a ladder on a secure sliding bar is a great way for you, or older kids, to stow seldom-used stuff up high and out the way, leaving room on the floor for everyday duds.

Spic and Span Shelving

Use storage baskets to organize various drop-spots in the mudroom. A well thought out mudroom has open shelving for shoes under a bench, with baskets in higher shelves for items you access less frequently, but still need to be able to bring down for sorting.

Gleaming Garage

If you have an attached garage, that’s by far the best “mudroom” possible. Clear out or organize all those old boxes, add some plastic lawn chairs and a crate for boots and shoes, and you’ve got the perfect solution for keeping the outdoors out of your house once and for all. 

How do you keep your entryway tidy? Share your tips with us!

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