Adorable Pool Inflatables Just Perfect for Floating Around

Go beyond the swan – a pegasus, perhaps? – with these trendy and charming pool floats that combine panache and safety when you and the fam are playing and lounging in the water this summer. Your inflatable should be just as individualized as your bathing suit, wouldn’t you agree? Whether its whimsy you want, or to make a stylish statement, we’ve put together an awesome assortment of floatation fun for you to pounce on!

FunBoy Pool Floats

FunBoy is the go-to float for megastars like Taylor Swift (she digs the black swan) and Kylie Jenner (it’s the lips for her) to your next-door neighbor. That’s probably because FunBoy has such a massive variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. They’ve got tons of hues, too – from rainbows, to metallics, to good-old primary colors – if you can’t find it at FunBoy, you can’t find it. (And get this: FunBoy offers free shipping on all U.S. orders.)


Sunnylife is based in the sweetest summer spot of all: Sydney, Australia. You know they know their stuff when it comes to fun in the sun! Ride-on, lie-on, float, paddle or play – summertime has never looked better. Sunnylife is famous for its vast seasonal collections featuring every must-have item imaginable. They use fashion-referenced graphics, show-stopping prints and trendsetting packaging to brandish their bold trademark signature.

Chillbo Baggins

Chillbo Baggins inflatables are made for durability and versatility – able to go from the waves of the ocean to the amber waves of grain in the fields, or even your front porch! Bring your bag out camping and inflate it onsite, or carry it to the beach – how’s that for innovation? The company was started by a gang of backpackers and adventure-seekers who were tired of being cooped up inside. As their slogan says, they are “on a mission to perfect the art of chilling… wherever you may find yourself.”

Which of these pool floats would you want to relax in this summer? Share your favorites with us!

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Image via @mindythelion / Funboy

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