Priscilla Mastrodomenico

Priscilla Mastrodomenico was raised in Silverlake, way back when it hadn't been claimed by the hipsters (and the heavy price tags). Her favorite childhood memories include trips to the VHS store with the neighborhood kids, buying candy at the corner liquor store, and playing all sorts of outdoor games on their block. Later on, her family relocated to the Valley, where she’s lived ever since.

Fun fact about her childhood: She placed 3rd in the Stock Market competition when she was in the 4th grade! She and her partner Steven raised $27,000 for their elementary school, Vanalden, and got to have their photos taken by the LA Times.

Priscilla lives by the saying, "You are the energy you put out". She’s a huge believer in the Law of Attraction – whatever you send out will always come right back to you.