Easy Easter Egg Decorating for Little Hands

Easter is such a kid-friendly holiday. There are scavenger hunts, relay races, maybe a petting zoo or two in the neighborhood, good food, friends, and of course family. And what kid doesn’t love decorating Easter eggs? Even the littlest ones want in on the fun.

But if you’re less than enthusiastic about the thought of the decorating aftermath (Remember last year? There will be paint everywhere. There will be muddied colors from the get go. And there may even be inconsolable tears – theirs and yours!), try out these easy Easter egg ideas instead. They’re simple crafts for little hands. Plus, your eggs will come out beautiful.

Elegant in Patterns

If you’re hoping to go entirely mess free . . . no paint, no dye, no tears! . . . then washi tape is your best friend. With this simple craft, your kids can manage the entire egg-decorating process on their own. Just get your hands on some beautiful fabric washi tape from your local arts and crafts store. You can also pick up some decorative hole punchers for fun shapes that are easy to make. Add scissors and some eggs (hard-boiled or blown-out). You have everything you need.

With hole punchers, little ones can easily make hearts, butterflies, stars, polka dots, or a variety of geometrics using the tape of their choice. They can choose to keep it simple and just cut little strips instead, for a patterned effect. Or go with longer pieces and wrap them around the egg. You can choose a monochrome or single pattern design using one tape style per egg – or mix and match for a more eclectic look.

Confetti Eggs via She Makes a Home

All Dressed for the Party

For an adorable egg-decorating activity that flexes your little one’s pincer grip, try using confetti. Pick up some paper confetti dots (or make them at home if you have the time and the scraps of paper). You can also add in glitter dots to sparkle up your décor. Get yourself a fine-tipped craft glue pen and the kids can start decorating.

This craft is simple. It’s fun. And it helps strengthen your children’s fine motor skills as they use their thumb and forefinger to pick up and glue down their dots. Kids can play with spacing and composition, color choices, and even try to make shapes or patterns. Sweet!

Eggs with Loads of Character

Think your little ones can manage a smile? Can they make an angry face? Show surprise? This funny little egg-decorating idea is full of charm. If your children can make any of those faces (and by make, of course we mean draw!), hand over a Sharpie and let them at it. Your kids can simply attach two sticky-backed googly eyes (actually nix that . . . some kids may actually want Cyclops eggs or maybe a few three-eyed aliens, so just hand over the eyes!), and then get drawing.

The littlest ones can simply add a smile or a circle mouth to show surprise. Maybe add in eyebrows and a mustache for a bit more expression. Or give them a whole range of Sharpies in different colors for extra features. You’ll get big laughs for sure!

Speckle Sprayed Eggs

If decorating Easter eggs just isn’t the same without the paint, don’t forgo the pleasure . . . add to it!! Pull out your favorite water-based paints. Watercolors will give you a softer look while acrylics are nice and bold. Pick up a bunch of spray bottles from the dollar store and make a thin mixture of paint and water for each.

Get outside and cover your work area . . . this is going to be messy! Let your kids spray paint their lovely Easter eggs this year. They’ll have fun decorating and the results will be beautiful!

Sticker Eggs via Real Simple

Stuck on Easter

For Easter egg decorating that’s simpler than simple, go with stickers. No, not the kind the teacher doles out. We’re talking honest-to-goodness beauties here. With just a few of these embellishments, your eggs will be the talk of the town. Violette Stickers make amazingly realistic ones of butterflies, birds, and old-time flowers. So do Dover and Mrs. Grossman.

Go for natural choices, tea party, or an Easter bunny theme. Do your kids have something else in mind? There are plenty of beautiful choices from dinosaurs to fairies, sweet treats, and more.

Do you have any Easter decorating ideas easy enough for little kids? Share your tips with us!

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Abby Stone
Simple yet very pretty. We'll be doing stickers and confetti this year. Thank you for the great ideas.