#FollowFriday: Instagram Moms of Twins Are Double the Fun

You think having one babe is challenging/fun/scary/delightful...or [insert your own adjective here]. But what if you could amplify it all times two? We’re in awe of these Instagram mommies that were doubly blessed with twins and can’t get enough of their double-the-smiles pics of their precious babes! If that’s not inspiring enough, they also manage to find time to share their personal passions from cooking to travel. So in the spirit of these double-babied moms, you’ve got to follow at least two:


Bev Weidner / Artifact Uprising * BevCooks.com

Bev Weidner is the high­ energy mom of boy/girl twins, Will and Natalie. Bev was an indie rock musician in her previous, pre-high waisted jeans life. After quitting her job in 2010, she started blogging to keep herself occupied. In no time, she fell in love with the art and process of her new endeavor; cooking, photographing and sharing the experience. Her popular posts now provide her the privilege to write and photograph for various publications like Food Network, Tablespoon, What To Expect, Chinet, and Hey Mama. Her Instagram has some sponsored posts, but they’re fun – and her kids are adorable!


w h i t n e y j o h n s o n / utah • lds • wife & mama • #twinmom

Whitney describes herself as “Wife of the man of my dreams and mother to the sweetest little redhead boy and boy/girl twins.” She doesn’t say anything beyond that, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? On Whitney’s Instagram, we are treated to tons of twins pics and omigawd, are they ever cute! She recently shared pics from a family trip to California, with some kid-herding tips along the way.


K e n d a l l H a n c o c k wife | twin mom | motherhood blogger | PNW • custom creative services

Kendall had us at “pursuing pie.” She’s happily married and mother to infant twins, Alder and Rowan (plus she’s a “cat mom” to Milo and Simon). She thrives in Portland, Oregon, and “enjoys all things food, art, cats, books, and plants.” She learned how to bake pies from her Grandma Mildred, and she sometimes posts her favorite dessert recipes. Yum!


whitney johns / Raising three daughters with my favorite human. Ames, Iowa | Isaiah 46:4

Whitney’s preemie baby girls Vivian and Olive have had some close health calls in their young lives, but Whitney’s faith and great attitude make their journey – and our vicarious one – worth watching. Whitney posts pics of all three of her kids, plus some truly stunning flower arrangements. Through it all, the babies smile.

Who are some of your favorite twin moms on Instagram? Share your #followfriday list with us!

Cover image via Pursuing Pie

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Abby Stone
So adorable. I love twins!