Kindergarten Graduation Gifts That Celebrate What They've Learned

Your baby is all grown up… Okay, not really. But it seems like just yesterday they were in diapers, crawling across the floor. And now they’re graduating. They’re ready for new adventures in a bigger pond – ready to take on the first grade. Your little one is officially a big kid.

And as a way to show your no-longer-a-Kindergartener how proud you are, you want to get him a little something. A special gift to prepare them for their new journey. But what do you get someone of such a ripe age? Something that makes your big kid feel like their part of the big leagues. Something like one of these Kindergartener-in-a-past-life gifts:

A Vacation Journal for the Junior Writer

So your little big kid is graduating? Encourage all the hard work learning those letters and spelling out words with a vacation journal to record the very best of the summer. It’s never too soon to start journaling and there are some very cool (and age-appropriate) options out there that will keep them working on penmanship, composition, and drawing.

This awesome Journey Journal includes pages for official information, a 13-day trip journal, a page for after thoughts and a nifty compartment so you can safely store all the treasures you collect on your trip. Plus, check out the cover! With fasteners and thread, kiddos can mark out all the places they’ve been!

A Piggy Bank or Wallet for All That Money Math

Your Kindergartener has just received her first lesson in money math. Keep the learning going with a special gift as a reward. A piggy bank will encourage your child to save.If you'd rather skip the crafts, we love these adorable little piggies from PIGZstore. They're big and practical but stylish and cute, made of ceramic, maple, and beech wood.

Now that your little one is in the big leagues, there will be plenty of opportunities for earnings – what will spectacular report cards, good behavior notification, and citizen of the month.

A Name Pencil to Keep Up Penmanship

Your children have worked hard on getting their penmanship, with their letters legible and facing the right way. They’ll be doing way more writing in elementary school than they did in Kindergarten. And having something to write with that has their name on it will make all of that writing more fun. These pencils from Carbon Crusaders come in adorable colors from gold to mulberry, mint, mustard, and everything in between. You can pick from their unique messages like Stay Gold (on gold) or Evil Genius (on black), customize your own, or simply engrave a name. So pick some up and help your kiddos keep up their writing skills with pen pals, thank you cards, and simple journals throughout the summer.

A Book for the Early Reader

Now that your children have their sight words and phonetics down pat, encourage a love of reading with an age appropriate book. It should be slightly challenging but suitable for children their age. One great option is Oh, The Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss (perfect for the summer!). You really can't go wrong with anything written by the Doc. However, if the super rhymey Seuss style doesn't tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other great books for children graduating from Kindergarten. 

A Watch for Telling Time

Want your children to feel really grown up? It’s time to reward them for learning how to tell time with their own watch. Get one with a traditional clock face (no digital displays here!) so that they can continue to understand the hour and minute hands. Let them pick out the style the like – or purchase one in secret for a big surprise. Swatch is a good place to start with plenty of colors, themes, designs, and major durability. Or check out the best in wearable tech

An Real Backpack for the All-Around Big Kid

Even if your child already has a backpack, the transition from Kindergarten to grade school calls for a backpack upgrade. Choose a backpack with a more "grown up" design, or take your child shopping and let him pick one out. Keep in mind that he might have more school supplies in elementary school than he did in Kindergarten, so a backpack with more pockets and compartments is an excellent choice. These Fjallraven Kanken backpacks are lightweight, roomy, and come in plenty of fun colors.

Make mealtime more exciting and add in a "big kid" lunch box. Insulated versions are good for packing foods that need to stay cold. You can find children's lunch boxes in lots of cool prints and designs. Try to find one that your children will enjoy throughout their time in grade school, so that the next time you need to (possibly) buy one is when they get to high school. Ha!

There will likely be tears at your child's Kindergarten graduation ceremony – from you, of course! You'll have mixed emotions, as will your little one. But one thing is for sure: a little gift for working so hard is well-deserved.

What gift will you give your little Kindergarten graduate? Tell us in the comments below!

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