Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids That Are More About the Bonding Experience

For many kids, Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate and sweet treats. There’s excitement over decorating Valentine’s Day bags or boxes to collect all the candy, more thrills over passing out cards in the classroom and seeing what you got.

But what about love? Somehow, the most important part of the holiday ends up playing second fiddle to a chocolate heart.

That’s why, this year, we decided to put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide that’s a little bit more meaningful. These gift ideas aren’t only purposeful, they’re meant to be enjoyed together as a family, working side-by-side. After all, what better way to show your love, than to gift your presence?

Love Nest Needle Felting Kit

This Love Nest Felting Kit by Felted Sky is both an adorable gift and a fun, bonding activity for Valentine’s Day. The kit contains everything you need to make one, two, or four nests with your child, depending on the size nest you choose to make. The results aren’t just beautiful home decor, they’re a sweet reminder of your family bonds.

The kit is suitable for beginners but because the felting needles are very sharp, it’s not recommended for children under 10 years old. Parental supervision is advised for all children regardless of age, to make sure they handle the needle carefully.

Life in Pictures Coffee Table Photo Album

We all have plenty of photos of life’s most precious moments. The problem is those images end up on our digital devices. The Life in Pictures coffee table photo album by Printworks offers a gorgeous way to organize your favorite memories. Spend Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, printing your special moments, and displaying them in this sleek hardcover album. Each album contains 30 pages.

DIY Chunky Blanket Knit Kit

Nothing is cozier than snuggling up with the kids under a giant, chunky blanket. Becozi’s DIY Chunky Blanket Knit Kit makes a fun and useful gift for Valentine’s Day. You can take turns mastering its giant knitting needles as your work on your family blanket, then nestle together underneath.

The kit includes 7 pounds of 100% Australian Merino wool yarn, a pair of giant knitting needles (US size 70), and an instruction sheet to get you started. Multiple color options are available. Becozi also lists a handy guide to make sure you have enough yarn to create the blanket you need.

Pink Flower Garden Kit

Flowers, of course, are a Valentine’s Day tradition. But consider forgoing the bouquet of roses and gift this pink flower garden kit instead. Not only will you have blooms to come, but working together on your indoor or outdoor garden will become a fun bonding activity and a lasting memory.

The kit contains everything you need to plant six different easy-to-grow flowers that are all pink: cosmos, cloud poppies, corncockles, columbines, lychnis, and zinnias. Also included are peat pellets, plastic markers, and a wax pencil to note down the names of your flowers.

Hearts of Love Rolling Pin

If your Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without the sweets, consider baking your own heart-adorned cookies or pies. This Hearts of Love embossing rolling pin from Make8Bake is made of solid beech wood that grew on the slopes of the Carpathians. It has been engraved with a very high precision laser technology. The pattern is deep enough to make a high quality imprint on a pastry, fondant or a clay. It can also be used with play-dough, if your children prefer.

Elephant Family DIY Paper Lamps

OWLPaper Lamps’ Elephant Family Paper Lamp Kit is another sweet gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Spend the day building the two pre-cut paper models for Mama Elephant and Baby Elephant with your child, and enjoy the results once the sun sets. The kit also includes bases for the lamps, an E14 light bulb socket, an electrical cord with switch, and plug. The kit is available in a variety of colors.

Whatever you choose to give your child for Valentine’s Day, enjoy your day and share your love. You both deserve it!

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