Bedrest + Very Active Toddler

Hi! I'm on bedrest and have a super active toddler at home. We used to do so many activities together both inside and outside the home. I'm at a loss on how to keep her busy. Please help!!

Greg Szimonisz
We had an awesome plush "baby pen" that we let our son play in, surrounded by his favorite toys and it provided a lot of entertainment that didn't require us to be directly next to the toddler at all times.
Amy Mori
There are loads of activity books for boys and girls. Get mazes, sticker books, stacks of colored paper, playdough and just let them at it. Simple board games like Candyland. Have fun with photo apps, use filters, make videos.
Suzanne Reyes
Get used to coloring loads! A Netflix subscription is a must. Playing with small toys on the bed...plastic figures, blocks, that kind of thing. Simon Says is always good for tiring out toddlers. You can give them a bunch of challenging commands to follow.
Jessica Pardo
You'll need your partner or friend to set some of these up but you can do scavenger hunts in the house where your toddlers hunts for the items and reports back, one player freeze dance, play make me laugh, easy card games like go fish, have fun items like face paint sticks, a full box of art materials + paper next to the bed....just some ideas.