The Cutest Farmer’s Market Essentials for Kid Shoppers

By Nikki M

If you’re all about slow living and shopping small and local, then weekly trips to the farmer’s market need to be a part of your routine.

Not only is it an adventure for the senses, it’s also a great lesson all around:

  • It teaches your kid life skills like shopping, meal planning, and making healthy choices.
  • It teaches them where their food comes from, and that no, not all fruits and veggies grow year-round despite what they have at the supermarket.
  • It also helps them build a sense of community.

But to enjoy the farmers market to its fullest potential, you have to be prepared. You don’t want to be that parent who’s dragging their whining and thirsty kid around. You want them to have fun, so you can go every week.

Here are some of my farmer’s market must-haves:

Olli Ella Luggy Basket

London-based Olli Ella was founded by sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman, proud makers of playful, iconic, and beautifully-made wares for kids. They’re known for their timeless and natural rattan baskets, which are the perfect blend of Parisian- and retro-cool.

The Luggy Basket is an absolute must when hitting up the farmers market. Not only does it have wheels for easy maneuvering, it’s also roomy enough to fit all your produce, a bouquet of flowers, last-minute picnic essentials, and treasures collected along the way.

Fairtrade and handmade with love, the Luggy comes in 5 colors. Natural is our favorite!

Honeyberry Studios “Eat a Rainbow” Market List

Don’t think you can swing by the farmers market without a plan. With so many temptations and samples of ripe fruit, freshly-baked bread, jams in every flavor, smelly (in the best way) cheeses, and TAMALES, you’re bound to buy everything and ruin your Luggy basket.

A shopping list is a must. Honeyberry Studios – who by the way is passionate about homegrown fruits and veggies and eating healthy – makes the cutest “Eat a Rainbow” notepad with adorable watercolor illustrations. It even has a magnet attached on the back so you can stick it on the fridge for easy access.

Stella Stellina Cotton Produce Bag

When California first banned plastic bags, I was LIVID. Today, I don’t even want that toxic, ocean-polluting stuff near my farro.

If you’re passionate about zero-waste food shopping, consider reusable produce bags. Stella Stellina makes bulk bags in white cotton, with cheeky prints such as “Good Chives Only” and “It’s All Gouda” hand-stamped with eco safe ink. The set contains 1 large bread bag, 1 large bulk bag, 2 medium bulk bags, and 1 small bulk bag.

The bags tie neatly with satin ribbon, and when you’re done using them, just throw them in the wash!

Ribbon N Kids Straw Hat

During the warmer seasons, you can guarantee that everyone – adults, kids, and even some chihuahuas – will be donning a straw hat. So if you have the type of kid who likes to run off and get lost in crowds, you’ll want to invest in a hat that won’t get lost in a sea of beige.

This quirky and cute straw hat by Ribbon N Kids has colorful poms and tassels, so they’ll be easy to spot AND look like a Studio Ghibli heroine. There’s a strap inside to adjust the circumference, and an optional neck strap to keep it from flying off.

Young Soles Pearl Sandal

Luxury kids footwear Young Soles has the best collection of lightweight shoes for kids. The classic styles remind me of those from my childhood – nothing too sporty and neon. Not only are their shoes beautifully made, they also understand children’s feet and have comfort in mind, following the shape of the foot with a wide toe and narrow heel.

I love the Pearl sandal, which has a leather upper and lining that gets softer and more beautiful with age. The flexible rubber/leather outsole means no complaining after 2 hours in line for cilantro. For boys, check out the timeless Sonny sandal. (Image by @takeapicturelady)

Meri Meri Rainbow Purse

A trip to the farmer’s market is a great opportunity for your kids to learn about cash. This sweet little purse from Meri Meri will hold a bunch of bills, coins, and receipts. We love the hand-stitched details and tiny tassel on the zipper.

On second thought, I’m getting this for myself.

Herschel Supply Co. Belt Bag

With so many things to touch, explore, and taste, you’ll want to make sure your hands are free for the full experience. This bright printed belt bag from Herschel Supply Co. is perfect if your kid hates fumbling around for stuff. Wear it around the waist, across the chest, or on the shoulder – it’s lightweight, versatile, and will fit all of the necessities. (And by necessities I mean honey sticks.)

Ello Products Devon Glass Tumbler

If there’s one word to describe a day at the farmers market, it would be dehydrating. Maybe it’s from all the walking and sweating under the sun… drooling over the food carts… or yelling at the kids for the millionth time to put the onions down… but staying hydrated is crucial if you want to survive to do it all over again next week.

This glass tumbler from Ello is perfect for drinks on the go. Fill it with water, juice, milk or smoothies – because it’s glass, you won’t have to worry about a tinny aftertaste. It comes with a silicone sleeve for better grip and to prevent condensation. The wooden lid stops things from splashing all over place, and the straw is reusable, which we appreciate because we aren’t heathens.

What are some of your farmer’s market essentials? Share with us!

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Congratulations ANNA SCHWARTZ! You are the winner of our Olli Ella luggy giveaway. Please contact us at [email protected] so we can get that out to you!
We have a farmer's market in our little town..vegetables..plants..handmade dresses..fruits..homemade jellies & jams..grits-n-shrimp..bbq..local crafts and local's wonderful
Laura Wilkes
Finding new fresh fruits and vegetables we've never tried before and figuring out how to make them!
Staci A
I love buying local produce and seeing my kids interact with the farmers. They get a much better understanding of where their food comes from that way.
Mychau Brikshavana
I love that certain stands allow you to sample and taste before you buy!!!
Stephanie Marra
i love how much better the produce is and how much better it tastes. Plus just knowing you're helping local business.
Valerie Rivas
We love the fresh produce and meeting the farmers
Oh, my Fave thing about the Farmer's Market is fresh air, bit here in this Valley, Our Farmer's market is really loud, dirty, crowded, noy much of healthy anything either... I Lobe San Diego's Little Italy Farmer's Market!
The Eat the Rainbow Market list, Rainbow zip pouch & Pineapple belt Pouch are my 3 faves. Can't pick just one
Casey Cisneros
All the flavored honey sticks!!