Co-Ed Baby Shower?

Co-ed baby shower? Yay or nay? A lot of my friends are doing it and my husband thinks it’s weird.

Greg Szimonisz
Yes, it does it make more fun I think.
Pritham Ross
The funnest showers we've been to were for sure co-ed. No cheesy pregnancy games, adult drinks and conversation, good music, good food, and fun games.
Lisa Marie Conklin
Instead of a baby shower, how about a Sip and See? It's an open house that happens after the baby is born. Guests sip on adult beverages and/and non-alcoholic ones, nibble on finger foods, see the baby and leave!
Tania Mashti
Absolutely. So much fun and the more the merrier!
Claire Moss
Yay! Nothing wrong with it. We did it but skipped all the lame games. Everyone had fun