5 Eco-Friendly Kids' Dinnerware Options That Are Plastic-Free

Plastic is absolutely everywhere. From cell phones to sporks, it’s molded its way into our world and made itself indispensable.

And disposable. The average American throws away 185 lbs of plastic every year… and with 326,766,748 of us, that’s a lot! Plastic debris, fortified with its ever-present chemicals, harms wildlife and marine life every day.

But what happens before we throw it away? It’s been proven that compounds added to plastics are absorbed by human bodies, altering hormones and harboring potential poisons. Especially when the plastic is heated, because any BPA (bisphenol-A) it contains can leach into foods and liquids. So it’s no surprise that eight out of every ten babies in the U.S. have measurable levels of phthalates in their bodies… that’s one scary statistic.

While we can’t do anything about the airborne hazards, we can at least make sure our kiddos have non-toxic alternatives when it comes to food containers and utensils. Plus, they just look better!

Check out our favorite cups, plates, and utensils that give your little ones a healthy, plastic-free dining experience:

East Fork Pottery


East Fork Pottery creates timeless earthenware pieces from mineral rich clay locally sourced in North Carolina. All of their work is made by hand, with minimally refined clay and glazed with small-batch, house-made glazes. Their collection includes many smaller sized items that are perfect for children. The bread and butter plate,  the small potter’s bowl, and toddler cup make for a well-rounded set.

The toddler cup has the profile of East Fork Pottery’s handmade signature mug but are sized down for tiny hands. They’re kid-approved and toddler-tested, too. “We’ve passed them out to all our toddler friends and asked them to put them to the test - after several throws across the room, we can say that they’re surprisingly durable."

If you’re looking for a brand new set for the whole family, East Fork Pottery has you covered with all the essentials. The tough part? Choosing your favorite color.

All items are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Ferm Living Kids


In addition to all the stylish furniture and decor items in the Ferm Living Kids collection, they also offer child-sized dinner sets that are plastic-free. The fun Fruiticana set brings home the feeling of the tropics with ripe fruits and fresh fish painted in whimsical shapes (and naturally, it’s non-toxic). The set of a cup, a plate, and a bowl is made of bamboo fiber, which is a sustainable material free from BPA, PCP, and phthalates. Dishwasher safe.

Donna Wilson


We love Donna Wilson’s fun and fabulous collection of illustrated ceramics. Her large selection of dinnerware is made in a small factory in in Stoke-on-Trent, England and feature watercolor illustrations by Donna. Made of bone china, the collection includes everything from mugs to bowls, plates, and beakers adorned with a variety of designs including Trees, House, Dove, and Woodpecker to name a few. The Lion Beaker is perfect for cocoa or cold milk. All items are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Blue Brontide 


Blue Brontide presents collections of wooden baby plates and utensil sets that are all natural. Handmade of eco-friendly untreated wood, they offer plates, bowls, and cutlery that are safe for you and your baby. Non-toxic, chemical-free, and fully biodegradable, they’re a perfect alternative to plastic and melamine.

Animal themed plates like the Wooden Fox Plate are made of solid oak with three eating areas that are sectioned off….perfect for kids who don’t like different foods touching. They also make bamboo bowls and chunky wooden cutlery perfect for little hands. The Laughing Rabbit plate, spoon, and fork set is too cute too pass up.

Bloomingville Kids


Danish design house Bloomingville Kids has a huge collection of elegant tableware for kids. Dinnerware items are either made of ceramic or bamboo. Six piece bamboo sets like this Circus-Themed one include a compartmentalized plate, two bowls, mug, spoon, and fork. There are also two piece ceramic sets (cup and plate); the Hedgehog and Monster sets are personal favorites. There are plenty of adorable motifs to choose from, including woodland critters, circus animals, clouds, sea turtles, and more.

Which collection do you love most? Share your favorite with us!

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Kiera Forster
Lovely blog thank you. Some nice choices here but sadly the trendy bamboo dinnerware we are seeing everywhere now is a classic example of greenwashing. They all state that bamboo fiber is biodegradable which it is but what very few retailers mention is their products are bound with melamine which is toxic and not eco-friendly at all. I wrote to Donna Wilson co. and said they should really mention all materials used to make the bamboo products, including melamine, otherwise, it is not allowing consumers to make their choices correctly.
Tammy S
The Blue Brontide range is just beautiful, we have the bear & whale & my kids just love them, they get asked for every meal time.