Go Gold! Using Rich Accents in Your Girl’s Bedroom

The color gold speaks of success, riches, and triumph. It’s associated with royalty, luxury and quality, prestige and status, and value and elegance. The psychology of gold implies affluence, material wealth, and extravagance.

It’s also synonymous with sparkle, glitz, and glamour. The gold grills in the mouths of pop stars like Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Madonna notwithstanding, you can use this hue in ways that are not at all gauche.

There are a few shades of gold you can use to enhance your child’s bedroom. From a classic yellow tone to deep-dark rose, here are few fun ideas that don’t go overboard.


Gold goes a long way. Just a few touches, whether it’s in a throw pillow, or a set of picture frames, will add a real touch of class and warmth to a kids’ room. You can further the flourishes with gold-tone knobs on the door and the closet.

Just a twinkle of gold is here in this toddler bedroom. The gold polka-dotted walls, netting, and floor lamp bring just enough pizazz to the otherwise minimalist room. The rose-hued rug helps help make the room feel grounded and warm while the whites and neutrals really let the gold take the spotlight.

Working with the same palette, here’s another way to decorate with a bit more gold in an older child’s room. The bold pinks and starch, bright whites really sit back and allow the gold to pop. The gold-patterned wallpaper balances the rug’s design, leaving sleek, clean lines to the rest of the furnishings.

Gold takes center stage here in this sweet girl’s room. We’re all heart-eyes for the adorably feminine bed. The pistachio colored walls offset the color nicely while the patterns in the wallpaper complement the bed’s design.

Gold Mine

This white slipper-bed, surrounded by burnished-gold nail head accents and bright gold wall frames, bring to mind classic Parisian style but with a decidedly modern twist. 

Ultra modern yet super luxe, this teen girl’s room amps up the gold by using it in stark contrast to an otherwise neutral room. Strong lines and bold shapes bring the shade front and center. Emerald jeweled accents add to the upscale vibe. Gold also looks great against natural wood, so a bed frame with metal accents is regal and rich on top of hardwood floors.

Another thing to try: Mix and match metallic shades of gold and silver. Maybe that’s not acceptable when it comes to jewelry, but when it comes to decorating, it’s the best combo ever.

Today, the trendy undertone color is yellow, so gold is a great go-to. This not-so-shy shade is great for décor, especially when used strategically for its inherently relaxing, feel-good elements.

Will you decorate your kiddo’s room with gold accents? Share your decorating tips with us!

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