Morning meltdowns before preschool

Meltdown mornings are my fave…yeah right! I’m 7 months preggo and my DD started preschool three days a week. For a couple of weeks now she’s been throwing a savage fit about everything – getting dressed, brushing her teeth, eating breakfast, you name it, she has something to scream about. Granted, I’m tired and sometimes cranky but I’ve tried to be extra gentle, played music, be wacky and it doesn’t help. What I can’t figure out is that her teacher says she seems to enjoy her time at preschool, so why is she having a meltdown every morning?

Grieving over pets...THERAPY NEEDED??

I’m not sure if my son is especially sensitive or having trouble with grief. We had a guinea pig named Snicker Doodle for about 8 months before he got sick and died. He spent a lot of time with him and he was even in my son’s class for a week. My son often starts crying out of nowhere and it’s been 2 months since the guinea pig’s death. Do you think I should have him talk to a counselor?

Water for Baby?

I’m a FTM and have read so many views about when to introduce water to your baby. He’s BF but drinks from a bottle when I’m at work. At 5 months old, I’m worried if I don’t introduce water soon he won’t have anything to do it later. When's the right time?