Water for Baby?

I’m a FTM and have read so many views about when to introduce water to your baby. He’s BF but drinks from a bottle when I’m at work. At 5 months old, I’m worried if I don’t introduce water soon he won’t have anything to do it later. When's the right time?

Kirsten Kawasaki
No water just yet
Anya Henners
No need to give baby water. Stick with milk
Nikki M
Wait til they're a year old.. only breastmilk and formula before that. MAYBE a bit of water on super hot days, but again, milk is much better at that stage!
Mia Benitez
Generally, they say not to give water until 6 mos to make sure your baby gets enough nutrition and doesn't just fill up on water. Maybe just wait another month. You're almost there.