5 DIY Goodie Bags for Your Kid's Next Party

So you’re a party planning momma (or papa!), and you’re looking to DIY every single inch of your kiddo’s party. You’ve customized the entire menu (down to the straws and utensils), downloaded the perfect party playlist, and set up a photo booth so stunning, it just might be a permanent fixture in your home…

Last, but definitely not least: the goodie bags. Skip the cheapo (or overpriced) options at the party store, and send off your guests with something truly special:

Chic Goodie Handbags

Perfect for posh little birthday celebrants, these handbag favor boxes are just so chic. Aly Dosdall shared this project on her blog, and we’re really digging it!

She actually won a Silhouette Cameo (an electronic cutting machine) at a blogger conference, which she used to create these handbag boxes out of paper.

They are large enough to hold three Hershey’s Nuggets, but you could put just about any small treat inside!

Colorful Goody Cups

Lynne at Papermash shows us what paper cups were truly made for (because they’re surely not for drinking, let me tell you that) with these fun goody cups.

Here’s how she made them:

  • Cut a few slits round the edges of the cups, evenly spaced
  • Using eyelet pliers, punch an eyelet through each section
  • Cover the edges with washi tape
  • Thread bakers twine through the eyelets (starting with one flap folded down, then layering each subsequent flap on top while pulling the string through the top)
  • Finish the ends with a little washi tape

And there you have it!

Artsy Goodie Boxes

We love a simple DIY project, like this one by Melanie Blodgett at You Are My Fave. This is seriously so easy to do– create your own stylish goodie boxes in a few easy steps.

All you need are:

  • Small round cardboard boxes with lids
  • Craft tape
  • Acrylic paint

Tape the box lids in whatever design you like, and then paint. Remove the tape and voila! You’ve got custom-designed boxes sure to wow your guests!

Upcycled Goodie Milk Cartons

Emma from Gathering Beauty was onto something when she made these stunning mini milk carton goody boxes.

For these, you will need:

  • Scrapbook paper or card stock
  • Embossing tool or scoring board
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Photo paper pegs or craft clips

This is a great project for moms who have time on their hands, as it is a bit more involved than some other DIY ventures. You can check out her  detailed tutorial, and make this creative project your own!

Mini Goodie Envelopes

These might be the easiest goody bags to make– all you need are some tiny paper envelopes and washi tape… then just get creative! Thanks to Craft & Creativity for this adorable idea. 

Got some ideas for creative DIY goodie bags? Share your projects with us!

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Tricia Goss
These are all super cute ideas!
Abby Stone
Those little handbags are so sweet! But I don't know if I can put so much effort into goodiebags!
Lindsey Velasco
The paper goody cups by Papermash are adorable!
Anya Henners
I love the artsy goody boxes and the milk cartons! Both are so stylish