8 Mobile Birthday Ideas for Parties Delivered to Your Door

These days, you can pretty much get everything delivered to your door – from sushi to kids’ subscription boxes, and pretty much your entire wardrobe/pantry/laundry room/garden/house (Not gonna lie, 90% of the things in my home were ordered online!).

The latest trend in birthday parties? Mobile entertainment. No, we don’t mean kids staring at their mobile devices all night long (although that’s very likely). We’re talking about the party being delivered to your home or venue. Convenient for you – a blast for your kids. Read on to find out about the most popular types of mobile parties: 

Video Game Truck

If you have a gamer with a birthday coming up, order a mobile game theater. It’s essentially a decked out trailer complete with the hottest video games, huge plasma screens, comfy seating, surround sound, laser lights, climate-control – talk about a gamer’s paradis.! With multi-player games like Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, Just Dance, and more, kids will surely have an amazing time. Most companies take care of the invites and reservations for you, and some even provide candy and soda stations.

Roll Baby, Roll!

Human. Sized. Hamster. Balls. ‘Nuff said. It’s a unique and thrilling way to experience 360 degrees of grassy yard. You can stand up or sit down in them and roll around till you get dizzy. Don’t feed the kids before rolling unless you want a huge mess. Order two or more for rolling races.

Rock Wall

If you have an adventurous, outdoorsy child, how about a fun afternoon of rock climbing in your own backyard? It’ll give the kids an adrenaline rush, without the risk of falling 200 feet and splitting their head open on gigantic boulders. These mobile rock walls are usually about 15 ft. tall with space for 3 climbers at a time. Start off by having an ice breaker and have one person climb, and let the teammates direct and guide from the ground. Mix it up by having challenges to grab the flag and bring it back to the ground, or keep track of everyone’s time. Fastest climb wins! 

Laser Tag

For an extreme version of tag and hide-and-seek, turn your yard (or any place with some acreage) into a laser tag arena. Players create teams and compete to find and tag their opponents using high-tech lasers. Take a lunch break and start another round with Capture the Flag. Inflatable obstacles and barriers create a battlefield set up so teams can hide or ambush opponents. It’s a blast for larger groups!

Foam Party

If you have a summer birthday, a foam party is a fun way to get sudsy and slop around in an inflatable foam pit. You may have heard about the more wild versions at nightclubs – this will be nothing like that because it’ll be in your own backyard, with your supervision, without any liquor and creeps. Just good, clean fun. Have a contest of the best foam faces or foam attire. Play some tunes and turn it into a foam dance party!


Simulators take your guests on a mind-blowing, 3D entertainment adventure. The truck arrives with seating for about six riders. Put on your special electronic glasses and feel the seats move (was that wind in your hair?) and listen to real-life sound effects. You’ll experience an entertainment sensation so realistic, you’ll think you’re really on a gravity-defying roller coaster or hanging on for dear life, zooming down snowy hills in a bobsled. Teens will get a rush navigating tight corners while “driving” in a Nascar race, or feel goosebumps while exploring a haunted mine shaft. There’s plenty of variety to suit your guests.

Get Soaked

Another warm weather birthday option, this truck arrives with plenty of water games for a wet n’ wild time. Water guns, water balloons, slip ‘n slides, dunk tanks, and more. Pick one or all the activities to keep guests busy for an entire afternoon. Some companies offer a water gun laser tag game that includes vests with sensors that fill up with water when opponents are tagged. Pretty cool for laser tag buffs. 

Night Club

This option is particularly suited for older teens because the lure of a night club sounds pretty grown up. A club-like atmosphere is set up, complete with a professional DJ, strobe lights, and smoke machines. Rent a hall, or set up the nightclub at home. All you’ll need to do is provide the food, drinks, a cool name for the club on the party invite… and maybe a scary bouncer to ward off the 18+s.

Would you throw a mobile birthday bash for your kids? Share your exciting party ideas with us!

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