Help, my husband is a gamer

Anyone else here with a gamer husband? He's always been into gaming but I feel like it's really taking over his life (maybe it always did??) but I feel like he's blowing us off for it. When do your hubbies play? After hours only or WHAT??? It's really becoming an issue. Thx

Bea Elliason
My hubby is outnumbered at home by 5 ladies lol. At first this was a big issue for us, but everyone has their "thing". I'm happy that he is at home, safe, and not doing anything shady. Pick your battles lol
Nancy Melamed
We started by moving the TV and X Box to the living room instead of his "gaming room". That made him more mindful of when/how much he would play, especially in front of the kids.

I didn't like how my sons were picking up bad habits. He played way too much.
Elodie Nilsson
OMG I have the same problem. Somebody please help...the addiction (escapism???) is real