Homework Help!

I’m having a hard time getting my 8 yr old to study! We’ve limited screen time and play time. He has a quiet place to study and I always give him a snack and something to drink but he balks when I nudge him. Do you have any study strategies that work for your kids you could pass on? Thanks so much!

Sandra Ziboni
Let him know that the teacher worked super hard to put together lesson plans and assignments and that doing the homework is his responsibility back to the teacher. Tell him it shows maturity and discipline to get it done, then allow plenty of time for silliness as a reward
Amy Mori
It really helped my daughter to show her how to break down and prioritize her tasks. I think she would be overwhelmed by the entirety of her assignments and would just balk at the amount of work. We broke it down for larger projects so she would do just a little bit a day. Also, organize his homework so he tackles the hardest parts first (after he's refreshed with a snack etc) and the assignments get easier as he goes through them. That way, he'll be less likely to lose motivation and focus (at least that works for my daughter)
Suzanne Reyes
Maybe try not nudging. Let him know he has to do it and it's every child's responsibility and then make him own it. Don't check in, don't peek...just tell him he's big now and doesn't need mommy's reminders anymore.
Maya Slavin
I give my daughter incentives for finishing her homework every night. If she finishes early, I let her stay up an extra half hour to play video games.
Stacie Engels
My younger kids are great with homework, but my eldest (who's now 11) has a hard time sitting and focusing. After dinner, I would have to sit with him and help him with every page. It's the only way. It can get annoying, especially during busy nights, but he is more motivated this way.
Christine Quinn
I always have the kids sit down to homework in the kitchen a full hour before dinner. They do their homework while I prepare the meal. I keep letting them know how long is left until dinner is ready and that pretty much keeps them on track. Really simple but effective.
Shelly Sonnstein
For us the biggest barrier to getting homework done is that the teacher has actually told the kids that he doesn't check the homework. It sends such confusing messages. My son thinks it's doesn't matter anyways since he's not graded on it but on the other hand, the teacher keeps assigning homework. I'm totally unclear on whether or not it's even a battle worth fighting at this point.
Amelia Ayers
We're very strict about how much time our child gets to study. We let them know that they have 45 minutes and it's up to them to use it wisely. It helps them focus, especially my older son. They don't want to hand in work that's incomplete so it really helps to have the time limit.
Elodie Nilsson
Have you considered the opposite when it comes to play? Maybe if he can let off some steam, he'll better be able to sit down to study? They get so little recess / phys ed these days, it might help him to break into a sweat first.