Creative Arts & Crafts Birthday Party Ideas for Your Little Artist

Got a little artist on your hands? You know the type – always has grimy fingernails, paint-splattered clothes, and doodles on every surface imaginable. If your kiddo can make something frame-worthy out of those coloring pages and waxy crayons they hand out at restaurants, you have to hone that creative genius as much as possible!

Cue: A Spectacular, Colorful, and Very Very Messy Art Party! We searched for the most exciting art-themed bashes for your kiddo’s next birthday party. Here are some of them to inspire you:

This 'Color Me Happy' Art Party for Kids was put together by Mary Bilings over at Love of Character. Upon entering, guests are immediately wowed by the Chihuly-esque balloon chandelier and sculptural balloon backdrop.

Pops of color figure everywhere against stark white backgrounds – from cupcakes to potted pansies, fruit cups and other snacks....everything is arranged in rainbow colors.

None of the kids at this party could complain about not getting their favorite color treat.

The children got to paint on easel shaped cookies and munch on their masterpieces. They also beaded their own candy necklaces in whatever colors make them happy!

Everyone was all smiles when it came time for photo ops against the ultra colorful balloon backdrop.

Here’s a pastel art party inspired by Cadbury eggs, for birthday girl Ellie. The bash incorporated a lot of Easter elements, and the results are very pretty!

What an elegant spread for the most meticulous artist. No paint splatters here!

It’s a scientifically proven fact that pastel-colored treats are extra sweet and delicious.

Each guest received their very own canvas, apron and paint brushes for a fun painting activity. Best part? They got to take home their masterpieces!

Looks like creative party planners span the globe. Aussie mama Vesna threw her son a Pantone Birthday Party, and it looks incredible! Amy Atlas shares all of the details on her blog, Sweet Designs.

The frosting on these desserts look simple enough – but it’s the stylish muted color combos that take them to the next level.

Here’s a close up of the palette cookies. Just lovely.

Here are more colorful sweets stored in clear paint buckets.

Fabulous custom goody bags…  dotted with color, of course!

Will you throw your kiddo an art-themed party? Share your ideas with us!

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