3 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star First Birthdays That Really Shine

Can you believe that your baby is turning one? Where have the last 12 months gone? As much as you’re going to miss those baby moments, you have lots to look forward to now that your sweetie has reached a new milestone…  and the journey only gets better from here!

How about a party inspired by one of their first favorite songs – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star? After all, it’s that little twinkle in your baby’s eyes that you love the most. Also, why wish upon a star when you can wish on a whole constellation at the party?

There are some seriously gorgeous ways to celebrate with a star-studded party, and we’ve compiled a ton of photos (so you don’t have to!):

This Twinkle Twinkle Little Star birthday party is all about the neutral color palette and the serious attention to details. The party decor is simple and sweet without being short on impact.

The buffet table stayed true to theme and color palette with star-shaped cookies and sandwiches, donuts, popcorn, and a beautiful four-layered naked cake.

Simple golden garlands adorned the ceiling, adding an extra layer of magic to the event.

Star-studded party hats and sparkling noisemakers got pint-sized guests in the party mood.

Table settings were perfectly on point without being overwhelming. Star-shaped plates and balloons paired nicely against the bright white background.

The adorable birthday girl looked stellar in her star-studded tutu and couldn't resist snagging a few of the delectable goodies.

This party is by mom blogger and interior designer Kristen KarsonCheck out the stunning table! I love how she incorporated the black night sky in her theme both with the handwritten sign, and the star-printed paper used as a table cloth. It provides a gorgeous contrast against the more pastel-colored accents.

Starry sandwiches? Heading to the market to buy my own star-shaped cookie cutters. Also, love the star toothpicks. You get your sandwich and a pretty PB&J-free smile, all while keeping with the party theme. What a fun way to turn a simple snack into something so festive. Finger foods never looked so stellar!

Star shaped chips. ‘Nuff said.

But seriously, we all need to step up our chip game. No more Cheetos. Now that I think about it, Cheetos are kind of shaped like logs of...

Who said party favors need to be plastic and ugly? These gorgeous star-print bows are so elegant, and they’re practical – this is something guests can actually use, and won’t end up in the trash a few days post-party.

Hello Lidy threw this twinkling 1st birthday bash for her little guy– the star of the party! This star-shaped cake is exquisite.  It’s simple with its white frosting and minimal toppings… but it’s a stunner!

Check out the hand-drawn backdrop and “treats” sign– lovely personal touches. Also, rock candies in the party’s color theme.

We're loving the DIY approach to this Stargazing Party. It's amazing to see how a little craftiness can make a party spectacular.

These adorable cupcake toppers look like magic wands meant for princesses and wizards. A nice reminder that there's so much magic out there in our universe.

With just a few snips or paper and a little glue, the goodie bags get guests poring over star maps before taking the party outside for some real stargazing.

But first, a sweet treat. Not sure if I could sink my teeth into these delicious cupcakes, what with all the thought and effort that went into making them extra special.

Will you throw your 1-year-old a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-themed party? Share your ideas with us!

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