A Mustache Themed Birthday for Your Little Man's Birthday

One of the first moments you’ll realize just how fleeting time is? When your not-so-little one celebrates his first birthday. But you know what? Instead of suffering from a serious emotional breakdown (like moms are wired to do during this special milestone), think positive; think: PAR-TAY!

The theme? Little Man. Celebrate that your guy is one year closer to becoming more independent (or at least mobile… and vocal… and potty trained!) We’ve searched for the most stunning party photos so you don’t have to. Enjoy! (And seriously, stop crying.)

Jessica Roberts of Quilted Polka Dot put together this Little Man birthday party that presents new trends in a vintage, old-timey feel. She combines antique wooden crates, burlap, and bits of rope with unexpected elements like lace, doilies, and glitter to achieve this adorable look and feel.

There are mustaches everywhere...strewn on sweet and rustic DIY garlands,  where you can see Jessica's unique juxtaposition of materials...

...on drinks and cupcakes. We're loving how the styling really does present a masculine boy party without overlooking a feminine touch.

Jessica did a fabulous job layering materials and textures, new and old objects, to create a warm and cozy birthday.

Image by Annye Newman from Faith Photograph

This colorful Little Man Mustache first birthday celebration was put on by Kara of Lillian Hope Designs. She threw the bash for her nephew, and there was no shortage of stunning details!

The birthday boy’s mom requested fun boyish colors and lots of oh-so-hip chevron. Try to spot all the mustaches on this glorious dessert table!

When her son turned one, Lauren of Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. threw him a super fun Little Man Mustache-Themed birthday party.

Warning: Too much cuteness to handle!

Mama loves to bake, so she went all out with the goodies. There were bow tie cookies, mustache brownies and cupcakes with mustache toppers.

Even the plates and trays match the vibrant color scheme! 

It’s all about the backdrop. This one features a lot of colorful dots, bow ties, and of course, handlebar mustaches.

And let’s not forget the candy station. Remember all those weird glass jars you asked for on your wedding registry but COMPLETELY regretted once your uncle-in-law hit “buy”? Fill them up with sweets. Live life without second guessing your decisions.

Little man Landon got to celebrate his first birthday with a super cool Little Man-Themed Bash that his mom put together.

This party was full of manly elements with a stylish vintage touch.

Fact: Manly men enjoy a kicking back with a cold brew every now and then.

Fact #2: Beer taste like crap, and real men don’t need alcohol to get down and party– just a lot of sugar and carbonation. Rootbeer for the win.

Also, heighten the level of sophistication by affixing paper mustaches to your straws.

You’d think that a man-themed party would involve barbells or stallions or red convertibles, but no… it seems like the suitcase is the real showpiece here.

Here, they’re used as a burly cake stand. No dainty porcelain pieces here!

“Grab a bag, ‘stache some treats, and enjoy!” Witty and punny! With that sense of humor, your kiddo’s bound to be a heartbreaker!

Feeling inspired to throw your own mustache party for your little man?

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