A Black & White Baby Shower That's Classically Elegant

When it comes to parties, you don’t do ragers– you’re all about sophisticated soirees, elegant affairs, and chic get-togethers. Now that your baby shower is coming up, you want to celebrate your little one in style. And when it comes to picking a theme, you lean towards classic rather than kitschy.

How about a black & white-themed shower? It’s timeless and classic– perfect for a mother-to-be with discerning taste. Kick back, pour yourself a bubbly drink (only sparkling water for you, lady), and enjoy the photo overload:

For her son's baby shower, Cathy Durig decided to plan an elegant Lil' Gentleman themed celebration. Classy in all its details from bouquets of beautiful white roses to black satin bow ties, this shower is definitely swoon-worthy.

Any shower that boasts a bubbly bar is right up our alley and this one is bar cart perfection. It's beautifully placed in plain sight with sculptural details on its back wall along with statuettes on the cart itself, all contrasting nicely with the black and white striped banner.

Witness total cupcake sophistication. Not only are they a pretty site but their grown up flavors pair nicely with the champagne.

The black and white theme is so elegant and yet so easy to do well. Just a few impactful items do the trick and can easily work with your home decor.

More cupcake beauties were to be had...especially the well-dressed kind.

This stylish black & white baby shower is quite unique because it’s a dual celebration– clothing line Sammy & Nat’s first birthday, and a baby shower for a sweet little boy.

Black & white tags and labels are incorporated throughout the party decor, mostly inspired by the clothing line.

Printed signs, satin bows, and clothing tags– is anyone getting boutique vibes or what?

I mean, even I feel a little intimidated to grab one of those goodie bags.

I didn’t think I’d ever use the world “elegant” to describe a bunch of cupcakes, yet I am declaring these as The Most Elegant Freaking Cupcakes I Have Ever Seen. Even the wrappers are fancy!

Two words: Drinks Station. (Or one word: bar.)

Stock it with a ton of sparkling water and Frappuccino, everything in single-serve bottles, because it’s your party and there’s no way in hell you’re going to be pouring anyone drinks.

Make sure to add drama to the table with gorgeous floral arrangements.

For her twin sister’s baby shower, Kristen Davis of Kristen Joy Photography threw a B & W-Themed Bash, which included pretty chevron details and pops of aqua.

The candy bar was obviously the star of the party, with its gorgeous chalkboard backdrop (that even included a hashtag for the shower!) and all the glorious, labelled treats.

Check it out: Even all the candies are black and white. Matching all the treats to the color scheme takes some serious dedication– if you think you can just run out and grab a Jelly Belly bag from the market, you are seriously mistaken.

Black and white straws– even some with a gorgeous chevron print– make sure your guests are sipping in style. And these are goodie bags you’d actually want to take home. (If you have cold hard cash that needs to be spent big time, fill the bags with Chanel compacts. And for the love of God, invite me.)

This cake is so beautiful, it would be a sin to cut it up and have people devour it like wild boars!

So, chic mama-to-be, do you think your B&W baby shower is going to be as fabulous as one of these? (Trick question, obviously.)

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