Camping-Themed Birthday Parties for Adventurous Kiddos

If your kiddo would rather have a Leatherman over an iPhone, traverse a real life jungle over a Minecraft one, or gut a fish/start a fire with sticks/master a hundred knots over worrying about a bunch of “Likes” on social media… then give yourself a pat on the back, because you’re an awesome parent! Also, throw your kid a Camping-Themed Birthday Party, because that’s totally their jam!

We scoured Pinterest for some incredible nature-filled bashes to inspire you, and here are some of our favorites:

First up, here’s Michael’s Camping Birthday Party thrown by mom Elizabeth of Lemonberry Moon Inc.

As you can see, this bash was all about the sweets. Over here, we have frosted cookies shaped like tents, compasses, bonfires, and various campy things…

… a tackle box filled with gummy neon worms (don’t worry, they slide down easy!)…

… and pudding dirt cups filled with even more worms, just in case you haven’t had your fill from the tackle box…

… and a seriously loaded trail mix bar, with handy takeout containers for the trip home!

Activities included birdhouse painting, backpack coloring, and a fun scavenger hunt.

At the end of the day, kids got to take home their very own bear of the non-mauling species.

Here’s Damon’s very outdoorsy Camping-Themed First Birthday Party planned by his mom Cheryl, shared over at Catch My Party. (Someone ID this place because it looks wholesome as heck and I want to move there ASAP.)

Tiny tin buckets filled with worms – a camper’s most important meal, apparently.

What a cute table setup – loving that burlap runner and succulents galore!

How’s this for a fun place setting? Reminds me of the time when I was in camp. ‘Twas 1992, and I was chubby with braces…

Fuel your campers with some delicious hot chocolate.

Here’s a nice chill out spot for the kids after their hot-chocolate-induced sugar rush n’ crash.

No camping bash is complete without a scavenger hunt! (Loving those printed cards and wooden pencils!)

For party favors, guests took home bandana bindles filled with goodies.

… AND campfire goodie bags, because kids these days are #lucky.

For girly campers who aren’t into the whole worms-in-dirt-pudding shtick, you’ll love Ricki’s Glam Camping Birthday Party thrown by mom Emily Maynard. Emily teamed up with Maureen Anders of Anders Ruff, and we’re blown away by this girlie glamping shindig!

Intricately decorated cookies are a must if you want to make a name for yourself on Pinterest.

Love the sweet treats, but loving the snowy stump stands even more!

The gals also got their own customized canteen, a mini smores kit, and... shiny, colorful balls that may or may not contain something edible.

Will you throw your kiddo a camping-themed bash this year? Share your party ideas with us!

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