3 Boho Chic Birthday Ideas for Free Spirited Kids

Planning a birthday party for your little free-spirit? Why not try a beautiful Boho Tribal-Inspired Bash? If your kiddo has native roots that you’d like to celebrate – or you’re simply inspired by the rich and colorful culture – then this is the theme for you.

We searched for some lovely Boho Beautiful bashes. Here are some of our favorites:

There was no shortage of tribal elements at Maya’s Teepee First Birthday Party. We simply adore the vivid color palette + gold accents. Check out all the pretty dream catchers adorning the wall.

We’re loving this stunning watercolor cake.

Here’s a shelf of mouthwatering cupcakes with the most gorgeous golden toppers.

Frosted cookies decorated like feathers and dream catchers, all in the party colors.

… Did we mention this party was thrown at the beach? Yeah, just FYI.

Here’s Hailey’s Tribal Princess Birthday Party thrown by Shana of Article Print. A pretty sign welcomes guests to the festivities. 

The party decor was all about the cute signage. Also, arrows galore! 

Straws embellished with feathers... 

... and tee pee party hats!

Here’s the birthday cake in all its glory. Loving that bottom stump layer. 

Here’s Isaiah’s vibrant Boho First Birthday Party thrown by the team at Rainbows & Lollipops.

I’ve never seen a cake with drawn-on decoration before! The same technique was used in the frosted cookies.

Now this is how you set up a kids’ table. 

The smallest details really pull everything together.

Here’s Daphne’s very girly Boho Chic Birthday Party planned by her mom Helena of RockPaperScissors.

Loving all the animal and feather accents.

Beautifully decorated drink jars. Colorful dream catchers hanging by the window.

And an adorable table setting with sweet treats to boot.

Will you throw your kiddo a Tribal-Inspired Bash? Share your party ideas with us!

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