Bullies at a party

We were at a large party last night. Adults and kids were all there. The hosts had a couple of bouncy type things in the yard. Kids were playing on that while the adults hung out a tables in the backyard. There were a few teens who were near the bouncy stuff so we felt fine about our 9 yr. old son playing with his friends. When we decided to leave and find him, his lip was bleeding and his shirt was filthy. Turns out a slightly older kid started hit and kicked him to the ground. (Our son cut in line)We were furious but couldn’t talk to the parents because they already left the party. How do we deal with this situation now? Our son doesn’t want us to call but I feel like they should know what their son did!

Maya Slavin
Give them a call as soon as you can. That's not right at all, and I hope your son is okay.
Nancy Melamed
That's terrible! I would definitely give them a call ASAP
Kirsten Kawasaki
I would call the parents. But you need to be prepared for any kind of response on their part! Many parents get super defensive if you call out their kids. When I was way younger, I had a bunch of friends over when my parents were out. Many of them got drunk / stoned etc and also did some damage to our house. When my parents called their parents, some literally responded with "My kids are allowed to do whatever they want." So just be prepared.
Elodie Nilsson
I would absolutely let the parents know. They may or may not want to discipline their kids but more than that, it's to show your kids that you've got their back.