Kids Lunch Ideas?

What do you pack for your kids' school lunches? I've been packing them junky stuff like mini pizzas and mac n cheese, and I feel awful about it. They're not sandwich eaters, which is a bummer. What do you suggest that's fresh, healthy, and easy to prepare in the morning? Thank you!

Amelia Ayers
Avocado toast, egg salad, pasta salads, cut-up fruit, string cheese. Also, if your kids don't like sandwiches, maybe try other "sandwich" type items like wraps, quesadillas, or pita pockets where you can incorporate meats, cheeses, and veg but it's not technically a sandwich.
Lisa Marie Conklin
Bowls are all the rage now. A mini bowl might be a fun option. Start with brown rice, quinoa and add a green base like kale, spinach or even romaine. Add their favorite veggies, a sauce or dressing they can pour on and some cheese. I often make bowls from dinner leftovers, like taco night.
Sarah Watson
To be honest, I never back "meals" per se....just a bunch of healthy options so that whatever they pick, it's good for them: 1/2 a banana, chopped chicken, hard boiled egg, cut veggies, cut fruit, plain yogurt, nuts etc. It makes their lunches super quick and easy to assemble and it's all good for them.
Genevieve Raymond
Hummus and veggies, pasta salad with chopped chicken, cheese, and vegetables, chicken salad with fruit / veg chopped in. If you want something warm, you can do quick sautees like steak fajitas and tortillas on the side (cut / prep meat and veg the night before then just sautee in the morning). If you have more time, you can marinate chicken drumettes the night before then stick them in the oven in the morning while you take care of your other tasks. Healthy sides / snacks: Prep things like fruit salad at the beginning of the week then portion out, nuts + dry fruit, pumpkin seeds etc.