Party Theme Ideas for Girls?

Hello! I'm looking for fun party theme ideas for my girls - turning 5 and 6 this year. We're trying to avoid anything cartoony/princess. I tried to look on Pinterest, but it was just so overwhelming. Thank you.

Kira Smirnova
Costume parties forever and ever, Amen
Lisa Marie Conklin
What are your girls into right now? Could you play up that in a theme? Once you have the theme the rest (decor, food) will be easier to find and not so overwhelming. If you type in "birthday party" in the The Instillery search field it yields some fun ideas also. Have fun!
Summer Kaplan
Some kind of talent show? Kids could prepare little jokes or skits or dance routines? Or you could get a dance instructor and do dance theme party - ballet, hip hop, whatever she's into.
Sandy Connor
You can go with nature themes (butterflies, woodland, snowflakes, etc) or storybook themes (based on her favorite books), or themes based on activities she likes....baking / art party. Hope that helps and good luck!