5 Kids Sewing Machines for Your Budding Designer

So your little ones love to sew – or so they proclaim. You’ve done the yarn sewing cards and pot-holder looms with stretchy fabric, and even put a real needle and thread in their hands. Now, it’s time for the real deal! They need an honest-to-goodness sewing machine of their own. A little one of course – a children’s sewing machine – that will give hours of pleasure to your 7 to 12 year old.

Important Qualities to Consider...

A children’s sewing machine should be fairly inexpensive but not a cheaply-made toy. The toy sewing machines can be colorful and look like fun. But they can actually discourage a child from sewing because of their poor performance. Spending a bit more money will give you a sturdy machine that’s easy to thread and runs smoothly. Plan on a price range of approximately $80 to $200.

Here are the top five children’s sewing machines for performance, quality manufacturing, and ease of use:

1. Brother XL2610 2. Janome Fast Lane Portable Sewing Machine 3. Janome 2206
4. Brother LS2125i 5. Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

Brother XL2610

This machine has the capability for 25 built-in stitches and 59 stitch functions. That’s probably much more than you will need at first, but it’s nice to know your child can grow into it. He or she won’t be bored with just backwards and forward stitching. It threads automatically and has a built-in thread cutter.

The bobbin drops in and winds automatically. The machine can create 10 different types of buttonholes. If you are an experienced sewer, you may be able to teach your kids how to use this machine without even consulting the manual . . . it’s that easy.

Janome Fast Lane Portable Sewing Machine

If the 25 stitches and 10 buttonholes sound like too much for your needs, Janome makes this wonderfully simple beginner’s machine. It comes in bright colors from fuchsia and teal to yellow with purple knobs. It has 10 stitch options, 5 straight and 5 zig-zag types.

The bobbin is top loading and drop-in; and it has 2 needle positions, left and center. This great little beginner’s machine only weighs 5 pounds so your child can bring take it to sewing class or to grandma’s house easily. And you’ll be happy with the finger guard to protect the eager sewer.

Janome 2206

The Janome 2206 model is a little more expensive but it has more features and is a heavier machine. The bobbin is front loading, which is more like adult sewing machines. It doesn’t have an automatic threader, but is very easy to use.

In general, Janome machines are high quality and they run smoothly and quietly. And this one is no exception. There are only 6 stitch options, but that’s often enough for a beginning sewer. Kids can choose their stitch width and pattern simply by turning a dial on the front of the machine. It has an extra-high presser foot lift, so sewing several layers of fabric or a quilt shouldn’t be difficult.

Brother LS2125i

The Brother LS215i isn’t billed as a children’s sewing machine, but it’s really perfect for your beginner sewer. This one is incredibly easy to use, especially with its permanent threading diagram on the front of the machine.

It has 10 built-in stitches and an automatic 4-step buttonholer. The stitches include blind-hem, zig-zag, and stretch stitches for all types of sewing projects. It has an easy stitch-selector dial, a thread tension dial, and easy bobbin winding. Doll clothes are often the first sewing project and this machine offers a gathering stitch to make little ruffles.

Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

There’s no mistaking that this is a children’s sewing machine, what with the Hello Kitty pictures on the front. But you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually a solid, well-functioning beginner’s choice. It has “heavy-duty sewing capability” which means that denim or several layers of thick corduroy can be sewn using it.

It is ¾ the size of a regular sewing machine and easy to carry. There are 11 stitches to choose from on the front dial and an automatic 4-step buttonhole capability.

Does your child love to sew? Which machine are you considering?

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