5 of Your Childhood Films Your Kids Have Got to Watch

Despite what you may think, not everything was better when you were a kid. There was horrendously crimped hair, for example. Shoulder pads, way too much neon, and a bunch of crappy flicks like The Toxic Avenger. And if you’re younger than that, well you may have been dealing with people wearing their pants backwards, Cherry 7-Up, and Pauly Shore.

But if you’re feeling nostalgic on movie night, there are still plenty of great movies from your own childhood that your kids would enjoy. So pick up a few of my favorites, and teach the kids a little about how things used to be.

The Point

1971, NR

The Point is an animated film by Harry Nilsson, and narrated by Ringo Starr, with tons of other interesting voices from the 1960’s. The story follows Oblio, (voiced by Mike Lookinland) the only boy in Pointed Village with a round head. Because he’s pointless, the king is forced to banish Oblio to the Pointless Forest, where he runs into all kinds of interesting creatures. After questioning them, Oblio discovers the point behind everything, even himself.

Why your kids should watch it:

The animation is bright, retro and cool. The language is lyrical and meaningful. Plus, the two meanings of the word, ‘point’ are clear enough for even the youngest kids to understand. It will inspire your kiddos to think about deeper meanings.


1988, PG

Josh Baskin is a normal 12-year-old kid. Like any other kid, he’s tired of the rules and he can’t wait to grow up. One day, Josh finds a magic fortune teller machine, and makes a wish to “be big.”

Sure enough, Josh wakes the next morning to find himself transformed into a 30-year-old hunk (Tom Hanks). He’s successful as the adult, who’s a child at heart, but growing up isn’t as fun as he wished it would be. So, he goes on a quest to find the mysterious fortune-telling machine, and change back to a kid again.

Why your kids should watch it:

Tom Hanks is great at being a big kid. It is fun to watch him fulfill his childhood fantasies by filling his big apartment with pinball machines, trampolines, and other toys. And he does an amazing job answering the hypothetical question that every kid asks: “What would I do if I were big?”


1991, PG

Peter Banning (Robin Williams) would rather spend time working, than with his wife and kids. Until one day, Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman) kidnaps his children in the middle of the night.

As he tries to get his family back, Peter discovers that he’s actually Peter Pan all grown up. With Tinkerbell at his side, he ventures back to Neverland. The Lost Boys are there to help and Peter soon learns how to be a kid again and to fly. Only then is he able to fight Captain Hook and get his children back again.

Why your kids should watch it:

Hook makes the Peter Pan fairy tale come to life. Watching Robin Williams rediscover his youth is wonderful, and seeing Dustin Hoffman as the villain will make your kids laugh… no matter how old they are.

Edward Scissorhands

1990, PG-13

Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp) is a boy created by a mad scientist (Vincent Price) who died before he was able to give him real hands. Edward was left incomplete, with long blades instead of fingers, and no real knowledge of the outside world. Until one day, a struggling Avon saleswoman knocks on his door, and takes him into her home.

Edward does everything to fit into society. He uses his scissor-hands to sculpt the neighbor’s hedges, and even to give the ladies in the neighborhood new hairdos. But when he falls in love with the daughter of the family (Winona Ryder) the townspeople find him to be too dangerous.

Why your kids should watch it:

Tim Burton is a genius with dark imagery. Johnny Depp (the modern heartthrob) portraying someone who is different will have your child full of empathy. Every kid can feel a little different. This story shows your kids what it’s like to be different, and how those differences can make a person exceptional.

The Sandlot

1993, PG

Scotty Smalls (Tom Guiry) is the new kid in the neighborhood, and he desperately wants to fit in. When he joins a group of kids at a local baseball field, he tries to impress them by bringing a baseball from his father’s room.

He hits the ball over a fence, where a large dog they call “The Beast” lives. “Smalls” (as the other boys call him) informs them that the ball was signed by Babe Ruth (who Smalls has never heard of). Together, the boys go on a journey to rescue the ball from the vicious guard dog.

Why your kids should watch it:

This is a movie about a shy kid finding his voice, and his place in the world. It’s also about boyhood, and the joy of young boys scraping their knees and getting into trouble. Watching the Sandlot, is like being transported back into a simpler time, and reliving your own childhood.

Which films from your childhood have you watched with your kids? Did they love them or chuck rotten tomatoes?

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