5 Stylish Picture Books for Budding Architects

Is your kiddo all about the Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Tinker Toys? Do your little ones manage to turn what seems like a heap of rubbish into some awesome artifacts? If your children can’t get enough building into their day, feed their appetite for construction with these wonderful architecture-themed picture books.

Architecture According to Pigeons

By Speck Lee Tailfeather

Did you know that pigeons are supremely passionate about architecture? Well, according to this picture book they are. A pigeon named Tailfeather is on a mission to introduce your little ones to some of the most amazing examples of building prowess.

From more familiar structures like the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Golden Gate Bridge, or Sydney Opera House to lesser recognizable buildings like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, Tailfeather offers a wonderfully colorful birds-eye view.

Full of juicy factoids and awesome illustrations, this book takes your kids on an amazing journey without leaving your armchair. They’ll be craving some real-world discovery for sure, learning about some incredible buildings, and possibly coming away from it all with a newfound respect for pigeons!

If I Built a House

By Chris Van Dusen

Trampolines in the living room! A ball pit, a race, track, and a giant slide – all housed in an ultra-hip, retro futurist family home. Who could ask for anything more?

Jack has big ideas and he tinkers away at his toys, creating the best house ever. Take a tour through his architectural masterpiece. Kids will love the rhyming text and gorgeously detailed illustrations.

Be ready to whip out the Legos. This book will have your little ones working on their very own outlandish dream home in no time at all.

Iggy Peck, Architect

By Andrea Beaty 

Iggy Peck is a brilliant architect. At age two, he builds the leaning Tower of Pisa out of dirty diapers, the Sphinx from dirt clods. He builds churches and temples from bowls of fruit and the St. Louis Arc from pancakes and coconut pie.

His parents applaud his genius. But his teacher, Ms. Greer, declares that architecture has no place in the second grade – all because of an unfortunate (and comic!) childhood experience. Iggy’s interest wanes with no possibility of building in sight. Until the day comes that his talent saves the day.

Funny, intelligent, and super stylishly illustrated, this book is a must for creative kids everywhere. Done reading? Hand over a pad of graph paper and start designing your own novel creations. Better yet, let the kiddos loose on your pile of recyclables and see their bright ideas come to life.

Roberto the Insect Architect

By Nina Laden

Roberto doesn’t eat his food . . . he plays with it! Well, what else is a termite with a passion for building to do? In fact, he’s so crazy for construction that no amount of teasing from his fellow termites can convince him to give up on his dream to be an architect.

Sadly, Roberto’s heroes – Hank Floyd Mite and Fleas van der Rohe – have no time to waste on the unproven little termite. Still his creativity cannot be stopped and before long, he’s built a lively and eclectic housing development pro bono for an entire population of creepy crawlies with no place to live.

Nina Laden’s illustrations are absolutely drool-worthy. Pages filled with collaged magazines, blueprints, wood veneer, and super expressive illustrations make this book a very attractive read.

The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale

By Steven Guarnaccia 

Want to introduce your kids to 20th century architectural masters? Use this artsy fractured fairy tale as a springboard. In this retelling, each little piggie is a different famous architect ready to build his signature dream house. Frank Gehry builds his house out of scraps. Philip Johnson uses glass. And Frank Lloyd Wright? Well, his Fallingwater is made of sturdy bricks.

All houses boast designer interiors and are gorgeously illustrated. Plus, the endpapers offer more architectural fun. Grab this book and see which modern genius out-designs the wolf!

Do you kids go crazy for construction? Share your favorite kid-made creations with us!

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