7 Valentine's Day Treats That Won't Lead to Cavities

   While a holiday that’s all about the candy might be a fave with the kiddos, what teacher in their right mind could contend with 25 kids on a sugar rush? You can still have the parties, the flowers, the hearts, pink and red . . . but the candy is a no-go. Your school has imposed a no sugar policy – even when it comes to V-Day.

And yet, without the lollipop dressing up the friendship notes, those valentines just look so bare. No worries. You won’t have to channel your inner Martha Stewart or spend countless hours on Pinterest. Here are 9 creative, candy-free giveaways that will still spread the love:

Paint Chip Bookmarks

Encourage a love of reading by gifting your child's classmates some cute pink and red Valentine's Day bookmarks. Hit your local home improvement store and stock up on enough festive colored paint sample strips to create DIY bookmarks. Simply punch a tiny hole at the top (for an extra dose of cuteness, use a heart-shaped punch) and feed some ribbon through. Voila! You've got a quick, easy, and festive treat for your child to hand out. (image via Extraordinary Mommy)

Flower Seeds

Super affordable and a great way to get kids excited about gardening, packets of flower seeds make wonderful Valentine's Day treats. Attach a note saying something like, "Just watch our friendship bloom." Every time your child's friends water their seeds and start to see the flowers grow, they will be reminded of the sweet gift from your sweetie. You can even find cool Venus Fly Traps or other cool greenery the boys will love too.

via A Pumpkin and a Princess

A Box of Crayons

Buy 8-packs of crayons for each child in the class. Remove the crayons from the box and spray paint them in a few different V-Day shades of choice. Use a heart template, glue and glitter to dress up the front cover. Add some festive twine in red-white, pink-white, or purple-white combos, and you’re good to go. If you want to include a Valentine's Day message, something like, "You color my world" would be charming.

via She's Kinda Crafty

Printed Nail Files

This Valentine's Day treat is a fun one for the girls. Stock up on some girlie printed nail files, and add a note that reads, "I'm wild about you." You can also go with other girlie prints and change the wording to "I'd 'file' you under 'T' for terrific". Take the treat up a notch by adding a mini bottle of nail polish and wrap around the nail file with a pretty ribbon.

via Hello Wonderful

Toy Cars

For the boys, hit the store and get some inexpensive toy cars. Use some black, white, and yellow construction paper to create little roads, and attach the cars to them. For a festive message, write out "I wheelie like you."

Animal Figurines

Get on your computer and create your own animal Valentine’s cards – or use Sweet CS Design’s download for a free, no-fuss alternative. Get some plastic figurines in bulk to go with each one, or feel free to mix and match. Punch little holes in the card, and attach your creature in twine. Wildly good fun! (image via Sweet CS Design)via The Crafting Chicksvia The Crafting Chicks

via The Crafting Chicks

Bouncy Balls

Young or old, who doesn't love a bouncy ball? Pick up a bunch of small balls and put them in clear bags. Then staple a Valentine's Day sign that reads, "You make my heart bounce" to the top of the bags. Your child's buddies will be bouncing off the walls with excitement.

via Love and Lion


You can find tons of stickers for cheap practically anywhere. Add a note saying, "I'm stuck on you" and you’re sure to get a classroom of happy kids. Have your child pick out their favorite animals, characters, or sweet treats in sticker form – if they can’t eat them, they can at least wear them, right?

What are some of your favorite non-candy Valentine’s Day treats?

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