8 Best Solitary Sports for Your Only Child

Is your little one full of energy but just not the competitive type? Or maybe they’re an only child that loves to play on their own. If so, a solitary sport might be just the thing to help keep physical activity at a healthy level without the pressures that some athletics can bring. Consider some of these best solitary sports for your little one:


A top choice for a solitary sport, biking gets your kid active – and also out with their neighborhood children, where they can socialize and have fun. Start your child’s love of cycling early with a tricycle, then graduate to a bike with training wheels on, and then off as they progress. For safety, remember to always use a helmet, wear reflective tape if biking in the evening, and make sure your child knows the rules of the road.


Have a pool at home, or one in the neighborhood?  Get your child into swimming.  It’s a sport that requires very little equipment and as with cycling, you can start your child off young.  Plus, it gets the whole body working in a very low-impact exercise. Most rec centers will have swimming classes for children of all ages, right down to infants.  It’s great for muscle development as well as cardiovascular and respiratory health. Make sure, however, that your child knows to never swim alone, or after a heavy meal.

Running or Jogging

Children like to run just naturally – so make the most of the fun and turn it into a sport.  Simply start by jogging around the block.  Once your child gets the hang of it, take them to the track at the local high school and let them run for time or distance. Keep track of their numbers as they improve. To make it safe, be sure your child has appropriate footwear, stays hydrated and has a warm-up and cool-down session before and after a run.

Cross-Country Skiing

Got snow?  If you live in a northern or mountainous area, head out to the nearest cross-country ski trail and teach your child about the joys of shushing.  Cross-country skiing is one of the best all-over workouts and is less risky than going downhill.  It’s also a great way to make sure your child stays active over those long winter months! Well-fitting skis and appropriate clothing to keep the body warm are key to skiing safety.


This modern take on the old-fashioned roller skate can spell a lot of fun for your kids.  There’s very little equipment required beyond the blades themselves and you can start your kids off slowly, practicing in the driveway until they get a feel for it.  After that, it’s off to the park for an exciting afternoon.  The blading is great for muscle development, coordination, and balance.

For safety, be sure the roller blades fit your child well and that they are wearing knee pads and helmets in case of a fall.


Okay, your child won’t get a full-body workout with archery alone.  But it can develop your child’s upper body strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination – all great skills.  Some kids really enjoy the precision and thoughtfulness that go into this sport. Make sure your child understands the rules of safe archery practice to prevent the possibility of accidents.


While golf can be played as a team sport, it’s also great to go solo and compete against yourself – and the course!  If you and your child leave behind the carts and walk the full 9 or 18 holes, you’ll definitely get a workout!  Golf also teaches great hand-coordination, poise, and balance. As a safety precaution, make sure your child wears the appropriate shoes, and sunscreen to prevent burns.

Horseback Riding

So, yeah...this is a bit pricey. But if you have a child who loves nature, loves creatures, and wants to exercise, it’s the choice for you. Horseback riding is an amazing workout that will keep your kids fit. And it has the added benefit of instilling a deep sense of love, respect, and empathy for other creatures.

What solitary sports does your child enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

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