8 Easy Themes for the Best Sleepovers Ever

Do your kids love a good sleepover but you can’t stand the insanity? Does it seem like every time there’s an overnighter, wildness ensues? Or maybe you’re a newbie to the sleepover scene and you’re just looking for a fun party theme. Whatever the case, you can reduce sleepover stress on you, and throw a bash everyone will love with just a bit of structure.

It will all go a lot more smoothly if you have a game plan for the night. So check out these ideas to take the pain out of sleepovers.

Beauty Bar Spa Night

Each girl can bring her own products or you can purchase a selection of masks, facials, nail polish (toxic-free, ideally!), etc., and let them go at it! You can even add aromatherapy candles and music for ambience. There will be a lot of giggling, secret swapping, and crush confessions going on into the wee hours of the morning, and the girls are sure to have a blast.

Movie Marathon

Pick a theme and go all out, rent several DVDs or simply stream them from Netflix. Have Harry Potter fans in the house? Watch the films back to back. Or go for a spooktacular theme that’s age-appropriate. Pop some popcorn, settle everyone into the living room with blankets and pillows, and let them watch the night away!

Glow in the Dark Game Night

Do you have a bunch of kids who love sports? Let them compete even after dark. Pick up LED Frisbees that light up for a game of real Ultimate Frisbee. Stick reflector tape on the rim of your basketball hoop and on your ball, and get a match going. There are plenty of glow-in-the-dark products out there that will add to the fun.

And when the kids have worked off their energy, have them settle in for sports-themed movies after dinner. Or get the Internet up on your TV and let them go through the all-time best plays of every sport! After all the excitement, they’ll be ready for their ZZZs!

Top 40’s Dance-a-thon Updated with Musical.ly

As kids, your parents were probably glued to the TV, watching American Bandstand and trying to pick up the latest moves. While you’d be hard-pressed to find the same on-TV bash today, why not create your own clubbing dance parties at home? Put on the coolest dance party in town, record, and share it with the musical.ly app.

Compete with the Stars in a Talent Show

Are your kids all about American Idol? Love Dancing with the Stars? Pull out that toy microphone (Have a karaoke machine? Even better!), and let the kids be the entertainment. From stand-up comedy to gymnastics routines or a simple musical number, kids will love showcasing their talent to the applause and cheers of their friends.

Sweet Little Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves a treasure hunt! This will take a little prep work, but the time you put into it will more than pay off. Start the kids off in one place and give them a series of clues (using pop culture trivia is always a fun idea) that will take them all over the house, winding up at the treasure. And you don’t have to go all out on the giveaways – cake pops, ice cream, or cupcakes will do.

Classic Backyard Camping

OK, so this one’s a no-brainer . . . with the whole boho-chic trend, campouts are in. And if you live out in the country or have a fenced-in backyard, an at-home campout is great for a sleepover. Make sure the children bring their own sleeping bags, then pitch a tent and let them go camping for the night. Add in a campfire and a weenie roast, if you have a fire pit already – and don’t forget the s’mores. Start up some campfire songs and spooky ghost stories, and you can bet the kids will have a great time.

Safety Tips and Other Considerations

Part of having a good time at a sleepover – or any other event – is safety! Here are some considerations to keep in mind to make sure everything goes smoothly:

  • Make sure you have the addresses and home phone numbers for the parents of every child who spends the night – just in case of an emergency.
  • For a game night or pool party, be sure to provide plenty of cold water so the kids don’t get dehydrated – especially if the weather is warm.
  • Check with other parents to find out if any of the kids have food allergies or other dietary restrictions.
  • During a pool party, always make sure the kids have adult supervision.
  • If you are having a big group over, see if some of the parents can hang around at least for some of the evening to lend a hand. This way you won’t be overwhelmed!
  • Talk to other parents to make sure that the movies you are watching are all approved. Some parents, for instance, only let their kids watching G-rated films. This is an important point to keep in mind.

Sleepovers are more work than an average party – but they can totally be worth it when you see the kids having such a good time!

Do you often throw sleepovers . . . what’s your kid’s favorite theme?

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