Art Basel Miami for the Newest Generation of Artists

Moms, dads, grandparents, and godparents: Are you looking for a special occasion to dedicate to some one-on-one bonding time with your kid? Check out our series of hip happenings that will give the two of you secrets to share and a ritual to return to year after year.

Ever wondered what it means when your child puts together blocks in that way, or refuses to color the way the other kids do? Is she bored out of her mind, or exploring concepts you had never thought of? You’ll find all of these answers and more at Art Basel Miami (December 1-4, 2016), an art fair with exhibition space for new work from around the world and perhaps, a window into your child’s soul.

Start collecting modern masterpieces or discover the next Picasso during the December event that brings art collectors, gallerists, and contemporary works from all over the world to North America. The art market was started in Switzerland in the 1970’s and has since expanded to locations in Miami Beach and Hong Kong, in case you’re interested in putting in a few more miles.

Are you nurturing a mini Rothko or a little contemporary impressionist without even knowing it? Delve into your child’s imagination and encourage a robust artistic output as you learn more about what it looks like inside an aspiring artist’s head.

Where It's At

Art Basel Miami takes over the Miami Beach Convention Center for four days in December with gallery stalls and new work; however, dozens of galleries in Miami participate in the festive atmosphere by displaying new work on their own walls and creating parallel events and exhibitions that contribute to the artistic zeitgeist of what is known as Miami Art Week

One such parallel/alternative collaborator is the Miami Children’s Museum, which brings a kids’ room to the Convention Center where children ages 4-12 can participate in their own art projects, learn about famous artists and create their own pieces. If your kid wants to get creative, this is a great stopover. Sign up in advance to reserve a slot.

Take advantage of the public installations at Collins Park too. Colorful works and live performances are always a highlight of the art fair and they’re free and open to the public.

To get into the headquarters at the Convention Center, buy tickets in advance at the website ($47 gets you a day ticket), or risk waiting in line on the opening days of the event. Other art events in Miami Beach and mainland Miami will require separate tickets, most between $10 and $25 for a day pass, with a few free venues in between. Choose carefully, based on you and your kids’ tastes, and don’t be afraid to skip the big stuff if the smaller venues are the ones grabbing your interest.

Fest with the Best

Roam the grounds with your child and ask her about the meanings of the pieces. You two will want to create your own stories before anyone else gets in your head and tells you what to think of which work. Of course, overheard conversations and snippets of personal opinions are also a great way to get a flavor of the work before you decide if you like it.

Art Basel is divided into a few different types of galleries that will give you an idea what you’re looking for. Nova is a space for a few artists to show several recent works. This section is curated to reveal new or recent work of popular contemporary artists.

To find brand new talent, Positions provides space for a major project or installation by one up-and-coming artist from anywhere in the world. Art-historical projects by one artist or a series of juxtaposed and thematic works selected by the curator are on display in the Kabinett and Survey areas.

Outdoor screenings of film entries and a magazine sector to highlight excellent presentations round out the distinct offerings at the festival.

Once you’ve wandered around exploring and acquiring enough opinions to look like you know what you’re doing (sort of), book a guided tour with an art expert who can take you through the exhibition halls or installations and let you know precisely what is going on. Let your guide connect the dots and give you some opinions to compliment your own.

After all that art viewing, sit down for a panel discussion delving into the nuances of the art scene, what it takes to become a gallerist or collector, or other timely topics about the modern art scene. Remember: context is always important here.

Art for the Smart

The creative ideas, big picture philosophy, and contextual details that go into understanding the art world can just as easily be transferred to the real world. Use the lessons you learn here to make sense of your child’s sometimes incomprehensible works of art. Although his world is colored by unusual perspectives, they just might mean something after all!

The next time you start to wonder about your kiddo’s art project, you might be able to put together the pieces without even asking the question.

 Ever been to an art event with the kids? What are some of your most memorable bonding memories with the family? Share with us!

Image via Art Basel Miami, Alan Cristea Gallery

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