Celebrate a Lost Tooth with These Unique Tooth Fairy Ideas

It all begins with the first little wiggle; typically followed by an elated exclamation: “Mom! Dad! I have a loose tooth!” Before you know it, your kiddo’s incessantly wobbling the tooth around with their tongue and poking at it with their finger.

Days and even weeks pass. You may employ a length of string tied to a doorknob, a remote-controlled toy, or some sort of flying object. Eventually, the tooth falls out, but the excitement is just beginning because now, it is time for a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Recognizing this foray into the world of grownup teeth is important, and making it extra special for your child will create memories that last a lifetime. Beginning to plan as soon as that first tooth is loose will save you some last-minute stress, but don’t panic if the Tooth Fairy’s expected to come tonight! We have some adorable yet simple ideas to help you celebrate and commemorate this exciting event:

Receipt for Records

Create or print a receipt for the first tooth and every one lost thereafter to make the transaction very official, and have a keepsake to remember dates and other details. You can design a very basic receipt in a word processing program or find one online. If desired, add checkboxes for special teeth, such as the first one, or one that was especially difficult to remove.

Special Money

Leaving something besides a regular old bill makes the Tooth Fairy’s first visit even more magical. Head to your bank, credit union or post office to obtain Sacagawea “gold” dollar coins, traditional dollar coins or two-dollar bills.  Another option is to coat a crisp dollar bill with glitter spray, which, of course, is actually fairy dust. Alternatively, if you have origami skills, you can fold the money into an impressive shape.

Pillow Pocket

You can find special pillows to hold teeth for the Tooth Fairy, or you can make one yourself by sewing or gluing three sides of a felt square onto a small pillow. If you are feeling especially crafty, you can stitch together a small pillow with a strap and a pocket to hang on the door. This prevents the tooth from getting lost in the bed.

Tooth Fairy Tracks

Sometimes, the Tooth Fairy is in such a rush that she leaves evidence of her visit behind. Mix together a bit of baby powder or baking soda and glitter in a bowl (pink, purple, and blue are the Tooth Fairy’s favorite colors!). Dip two fingers in the mixture and walk them across your child’s windowsill, desk or floor to create fairy dust footprints.

Toothbrush Replacement

We all know that the Tooth Fairy prefers clean, healthy teeth, so she may leave a fresh, new toothbrush to ensure that future visits are up to snuff. Other bonus gifts she might leave behind include kids’ toothpaste, floss, or plaque disclosing tablets (kids chew them and they’re teeth turn red to show the plaque they missed while brushing), which you can purchase online or obtain from your child’s dentist.

Tiny Note

Write a very small thank you note on a very small piece of paper. Roll it up like a scroll and tie it with ribbon or twine. If you want to make it even more exceptional, tuck it in a miniature envelope. To make one, take a standard envelope apart. Copy the shape in a much smaller size onto a sheet of paper, cut it out, fold it and glue it together.

Fairy Door

Make sure the Tooth Fairy has easy access to your child’s room by installing a magical door. Many craft stores, garden centers and home décor retailers sell little doors for fairy gardens. You can also use a dollhouse door. Attach it to a wall in your child’s room to create an enchanted portal between the fairy world and this one.

Punch Card

Create a card for the Tooth Fairy to punch on each visit. Assign different values to encourage good oral hygiene, bravery, and other positive behaviors. For instance, a tooth with no cavities might be worth three punches; being fearless at the dentist since their last visit might earn one more punch. When the card is full, the Tooth Fairy will leave a special gift.

Catch Her in Action

She tries so hard to be careful and stay out of sight of humans, but with modern technology, we can sometimes capture photographic proof of the Tooth Fairy’s first (and subsequent) visits. Take a picture of your child sleeping and then use your favorite image-editing app to add a picture of a fairy hovering near the pillow.

Read a Book

Prepare for the visit by reading a bedtime book about the Tooth Fairy. Here are a few titles to consider:


Choose the ideas that you know your child will love best, and celebrate this exciting first in a truly memorable manner.

Will the Tooth Fairy be visiting your child soon? Share your fun ideas for celebrating your kiddo’s first lost tooth!

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