Family-Friendly Games to Burn off Your Easter Brunch

Everyone is sufficiently full from the sweet and savory spread you so expertly laid out, and the youngest have had enough sugar to keep them going for a month. The last thing on anyone’s mind is a basketful of eggs, whether hardboiled or plastic, and filled with even more candy.

Whether you’re looking for an egg hunt alternative or some ways to extend the day’s festive atmosphere, your entire group will enjoy participating in one or more of these entertaining bunny-and-egg activities:

Bunny Hop Race

To enjoy this twist on the old potato sack race, cut simple bunny faces out of felt and then glue or stitch them onto large pillowcases or burlap sacks. Players run to a sack, put both feet in, and hop toward the finish line.

Capture the Egg

Divide your group into two teams. Give each team four Easter eggs. The teams place their eggs in a row on the ground, and when alerted, everyone starts running toward the opposing team’s eggs. To win, one team must successfully capture all of their opponents’ eggs. However, if an opponent tags another player, that player is frozen on the sidelines until a teammate touches them to “unfreeze” them.

Easter Egg Kerplunk

Make a supersized version of a nostalgic childhood game. Stand a tomato cage upside down in the ground. Insert broom handles, poles or sticks at various angles through the middle of the cage to form a sort of bottom, and then pile plastic eggs on top of the poles inside the cage. Players take turns removing one pole at a time, trying to avoid making the eggs go, “Kerplunk!”

Easter Mystery

Someone has swiped the Easter Bunny’s golden egg, and it is your family’s job to find the culprit. Devise a mystery scavenger hunt with clues to different rooms, spots in the yard, or places in your neighborhood. Place a new clue in each spot until somebody solves the mystery and finds the golden egg, which you can fill with a special surprise.

Easter Pictionary

Pull out an easel or dry erase board and prepare to draw. Write Easter-related words on slips of paper, fold them up and toss them in a bowl. Divide the group into two teams and have the first player for the first team pick a slip of paper. Set a timer and instruct the first player to draw a depiction of the word for his team to guess. When the time is up, the next team gets a turn. The team with the most points wins.

Egg Launch Competition

This activity takes some preparation, so plan ahead. Ask family and friends to bring throwaway odds and ends, such as pieces of wood, gift wrap tubes, nylon stockings, and anything else that could be used to make a slingshot. Put everything in a box and divide into several small groups. Allow each group to take a set number of items from the miscellaneous box and challenge them to build something to launch an egg as far as possible. Give awards based on distance, ingenuity, and silliness.

Egg Pass

Have everyone stand in a circle. Place a hardboiled egg under the chin of the first player. Players must pass the egg clockwise around the circle without using their hands. Anyone who drops an egg is out. Last player standing wins the game.

Egg Skee-ball Toss

Collect several bowls in various sizes. Set them in a vertical line on the lawn, with the largest bowl in the front of the line and the smallest at the back. Place labels with points in each bowl based on difficulty. Each player stands at a designated spot to toss a set number of plastic eggs into the bowls. Tally up points to find the winner.

Egg Tower

Use Easter eggs, or if you don’t mind a mess, raw eggs for this activity. Give each player four eggs and four empty paper towel tubes with which they must build a tower. Set a timer and stand back to watch the fun.

Jellybean Relay Race

Set a bowl of jellybeans for each team at one end of the course, and an empty bucket at the other. On, “Go!” the first player for each team scoops up jellybeans with a plastic spoon and hurries to the other end, trying not to lose their candy. They drop their beans into the bucket, race back to the beginning and hand the spoon to the next teammate. The team with the most jellybeans in their bucket wins.

Jelly Bean Scoop

Players sit at a table with plenty of space between them. Scatter the same amount of jellybeans on the table in front of each player. Place a basket near each as well. Have players put their hands behind their backs and place plastic spoons in their mouths. The person who scoops up the most beans into their basket in one minute –with no hands—wins the game.

Your crowd might have so much fun, they might request to play their favorite games next year… Isn’t this how the best traditions are born?

Got any fun Easter games and activities? Share your ideas with us!

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Mia Benitez
Cute ideas but I'm really dying over that samovar in the photo!!
Easter Egg Hunt for Parents! When the kids are finished with their egg hunt, they hide a few eggs for the parents to find! This kids really love this twist because they want to show off their hiding skills and try to stump the parents!