#FollowFriday: Vegetarian Families on Instagram

A plant-based, vegetarian diet is not about nibbling on philodendrons; it's based on fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes; and it excludes or minimizes meat, dairy, and eggs, as well as highly refined foods like bleached flour, white sugar, and oils. We rounded up a super set of IG moms (and dad) who’ve cracked the code to getting their kids to eat healthy, and we double-dog dare you to not drool over these scrumptious foodie photos!


Sara Forte: documenting our days of food, friends, family, travel. Author of The Sprouted Kitchen and Sprouted Kitchen Bowl + Spoon, Ten Speed Press.

Sara has two kids, and she takes them shopping with her to help her pick out the ingredients for meals she knows they will love. On a recent Sunday morning, she made them sprouted spelt and almond meal waffles with warmed maple blueberries, goat yogurt, and hemp seeds. Let’s just say it’s probably a good idea Sara doesn’t make her address public! But we do know that she works as a private chef and that she posts some pretty amazing recipes on her website.


 Jo and 2 kids. Sydney Plant-based Food Blogger

Jo lives in the Land Down Under, but her food is all tops: from her vegan toast with pesto cream cheese garnished with fresh fig and rocket leaves, to the most gorgeous stack of golden, fluffy pancakes you have ever seen, this cool cook is sure to simultaneously inspire and bring out that little green monster of envy (but at least the green is vegan, so it’s all good). Jo has two kids and she takes the time to “indulge in my growing passion for food and photography. With the support of my family, I recently left behind my 20-year corporate career to focus on food blogging full time.” Go, Jo!


Cristina Copenhagen based mum of 3. Sharing my love for organic plant based food, nourishing children and healthy eating. Dairy & gluten free!

Cristina’s food – mainly in shades of purple, pink, and neon green – looks like sweet, creamy, decadent candy, but it’s all whole-foods healthy and we bet it tastes as good as it looks. In fact, we are sure it is, because we can see the ingredients in every post. Cristina is kind enough to share her recipes directly on her Instagram. There are not many photos of the fam here, but when she does share pics of herself, hubby, and three small children, you are treated to a look at happy, healthy folks and a beautiful life in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Luise Vindahl Dipl. Nutritional Therapist Author of 3 cookbooks & 2 apps with @gkstories. Green Kitchen Smoothies out now!

Luise is in it to win it with her biz – she’s an author, blogger and YouTuber – but her IG is low-key and fun to follow. She posts pics, Boomerangs, and vids showing off her cute kiddos and her gorgeous surroundings (white-sand beach, anyone?). She specializes in smoothies, and there’s a certain berry and tahini recipe we are definitely going to try!


David Frenkiel: Vegetarian food, travel, kids & photography.

This is Luise’s husband, David – also of GreenKitchenStories fame. David’s pics are homey, showing off his lovely wife and adorable children, all within the context of eating and living clean and healthy. David is a professional food photographer, so if you follow, you are guaranteed a steady stream of delicious digital images daily.


Anna • Ethical Vegan #VeganMomAnna Neuestes Rezept

Anna is an ‘Ethical Vegan’ which means she is a big-time animal lover and avoids any kinds of foods that might also involve the exploitation of critters (such as: eggs and dairy). She is German, so unless du sprichst Deutsch, you won’t understand a word of her IG. But a picture is worth a thousand words in any language, and Anna’s veggies speak volumes. There’s the occasional photo of one of her kids enjoying a meal, but mostly we see imagery of her fantastic dishes which range from breakfast to dessert.


Tiinatuuli Colorful vegan food Mom of 3 Recipe magician, food photographer

Tiina is terrific – not only is she a “recipe magician” she is also a loving mom who is “most likely to be found dancing around our house with my kids, and adventuring in the forest.” Her IG does not feature photos of her family, but we do get to see the treats she whips up for them. The food is really out of this world – we’ve never seen the old “peanut butter and apple slices” ho-hum snack so scrumptiously turned inside-out. Tiina has lots of recipe variations which include Vitamin-C rich apple, and of course, her signature berries from the forest.


Corey, USA ~ Mother of 4 ~ Living and loving a plant based life together. Mostly gluten free. Always full of love.

Corey is a woman after our hearts through our stomachs – especially if you love chocolately-goodness. She recently posted a snap of her raw cacao cheesecake slices with hazelnut crust, but she then tempered that caloric temptation with a nice no-oil pea pesto that looked not only judiciously healthy, but super-delish. Corey is kind enough to post all her detailed recipes with each mouthwatering pic.

Who are some of your vegan/vegetarian moms you follow on IG? Share your favorites with us!

Cover image from @luisegreenkitchenstories

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